god of sickness ?

Sawadee Khrap

Today’s opening selection is  found in ACIM  Section 3, Chapter  10 – The Idols of Sickness  pg. 184.

What Comforter can there be for the sick children of God except His power through YOU? Remember that it does not matter where in the Sonship He is accepted. He is ALWAYS accepted for all, and when your mind receives Him, the remembrance of Him awakens throughout the Sonship.

Heal your brothers simply by accepting God FOR them. Your minds are not separate, and God has only one channel for healing, because He has but one Son. His remaining communication link with all His Children joins them together, and them to Him. To be aware of this is to heal them, because it is the awareness that no one is separate, and so no one is sick. To believe that a Son of God can be sick is to believe that PART OF GOD CAN SUFFER.”

Everything is a constant reminder to “Look, Listen and Do Not Judge” or as stated elsewhere  “I need do Nothing” —- Just accept Reality as it is and allow Christ to lead the way out, through the maze of Illusions.   The whole dream is a lie and NOTHING here is real – accepting this IS Healing.  Do not place judgement upon the dream and make it real.  Do not bow down to false idols.  “Turn it over to a Higher Power”.  

It is ONLY Self acceptance that heals – BUT  trying to  preach this to the ‘world’ is merely  worshipping the idol of separation, by first making it real.

SIMPLY    God Bless     Christ Bless          I Bless


Using ACIM as my Oracle

Sawadee Khrap

To begin many of my meditations I usually start by using the “Course” as my Oracle, randomly opening the book and using the text on that page to contemplate..  Today I opened to    ACIM Text chapter 13  – The Guiltless World,   Section 7  – The Attainment of the Real World   ppg.257

“Whenever you are tempted to undertake a foolish journey that would lead AWAY from light, remember what you REALLY want, and say,

“The Holy Spirit leads me unto Christ, and where else would I go? What need have I but to awake in Him?”

Then follow Him in joy, with faith that He will lead you safely through all the dangers to your peace of mind that this world sets before you. Kneel not before the altars to sacrifice, and seek not what you will surely lose. Content yourselves with what you will as surely KEEP, and be not restless, for you undertake a quiet journey to the peace of God, where He would have you be in quietness

In me, you have ALREADY overcome EVERY temptation that would hold you back. We walk together on the way to quietness that is the gift of God. Hold me dear, for what EXCEPT your brothers CAN you need? We will restore to you the peace of mind that we MUST find together. The Holy Spirit will teach you to awaken unto us, and to yourself. THIS is the only REAL need to be fulfilled in time. Salvation FROM the world lies ONLY here. My peace I GIVE you. TAKE it of me, in glad exchange for all the world has offered but to TAKE AWAY. And we will spread it, like a veil of light, across the world’s sad face, in which we hide our brothers FROM the world, and it from them.

We cannot sing redemption’s hymn alone. My task is not completed ’til I have lifted every voice with mine. And yet it is NOT mine, for as it is my gift to you, so was it the Father’s gift to me, given me through His Spirit.”

What wonderful advice and direction in today’s troubled world plagued with Virus, Riots, Lockdown , Business and Income uncertainty – just to name a few altars to sacrifice.

God Bless      Christ Bless       I Bless       Ciao

What a Relatable Story –

Sawadee Khrap

WOW !!!    What a relatable story.  ACIM Lesson 166  and  The Parable of the Prodigal Son.   Am I the living proof ?   Are you?

“4. Here is the only home he thinks he knows. Here is the only safety he believes that he can find. Without the world he made is he an outcast; homeless and afraid. He does not realize that it is here he is afraid indeed, and homeless, too; an outcast wander­ing so far from home, so long away, he does not realize he has forgotten where he came from, where he goes, and even who he really is.

Yet in his lonely, senseless wanderings, God’s gifts go with him, all unknown to him. He cannot lose them. But he will not look at what is given him. He wanders on, aware of the futility he sees about him everywhere, perceiving how his little lot but dwindles, as he goes ahead to nowhere. Still he wanders on in misery and poverty, alone though God is with him, and a treas­ure his so great that everything the world contains is valueless before its magnitude.

He seems a sorry figure; weary, worn, in threadbare clothing, and with feet that bleed a little from the rocky road he walks. No one but has identified with him, for everyone who comes here has pursued the path he follows, and has felt defeat and hopelessness as he is feeling them. Yet is he really tragic, when you see that he is following the way he chose, and need but realize Who walks with him and open up his treasures to be free?

This is your chosen self, the one you made as a replacement for reality. This is the self you savagely defend against all reason, every evidence, and all the witnesses with proof to show this is not you. You heed them not. You go on your appointed way, with eyes cast down lest you might catch a glimpse of truth, and be released from self-deception and set free. “  ( ACIM Lesson 166)

And the Parable of the Prodigal Son:    Luke 15:11     Where the young son said to the Father ‘give me my share of the estate.’ and then set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living.  And upon realizing his errors and wanting to come back, 

“But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. “The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’

“But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.”

SO therefore   Lesson 166 ends:   !!!!!!

“Become the living proof of what Christ’s touch can offer everyone. God has entrusted all His gifts to you. Be witness in your happiness to how transformed the mind becomes which chooses to accept His gifts, and feel the touch of Christ. Such is your mission now. For God entrusts the giving of His gifts to all who have received them. He has shared His joy with you. And now you go to share it with the world.”

God Bless     Christ Bless     I Bless      Ciao

Christ forgives – We un-bind

Sawadee Khrap

‘Christ forgives- we un-bind’   I am so thankful this thought is presented to me over and over again.   As Jesus said “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”   I am reminded again in ACIM Lesson 164:

“We will not judge today. We will receive but what is given us from Judgment made beyond the world. Our practicing today becomes our gift of thankfulness for our release from blindness and from misery. All that we see will but increase our joy, because its holiness reflects our own. We stand forgiven in the sight of Christ, with all the world forgiven in our own. We bless the world as we behold it in the light in which our Savior looks on us, and offer it the freedom given us through His forgiving vision, now our own”      

CHRIST FORGIVES, I need but UN-BIND my judgements and fears, I have placed on this illusionary world, that are making it appear real to me.  Look on what God created without judgement and see the Truth.  God’s Son is sinless.   Death is witness to illusion, forgiveness sees LIFE.

I need always remember what Jesus said  “My kingdom is not of this world.”  And MY kingdom is NOT of my petti judgements and self-slanted view of what God Created as LIGHT, ETERNAL, TRUTH and LOVE.

Christ is the DREAMER, let Him change the dream – WE are but the characters in a dream of death – un-bind the dream and let it be changed through Christ’s VISION.

God Bless   Christ Bless    I Bless       Ciao

P.S.   I need to stop and read this over several times during the day so that I understand and make habit what the Holy Spirit reveled to me today.

Christ’s Vision

Sawadee Khrap

Today’s  ACIM lesson # 159   contains the message I so desired to hear.  It paints, so beautifully, the picture of forgiveness. It embraces both worlds.   The definition of “Christ’s Vision”.    Look, Listen, and Do Not Judge.

“Christ’s vision is the holy ground in which the lilies of forgiveness set their roots. This is their home. They can be brought from here back to the world, but they can never grow in its unnourishing and shallow soil. They need the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides. They need the love with which He looks on them. And they become His messengers which give as they received.

Take from His storehouse, that its treasures may increase. His lilies do not leave their home when they are carried back into the world. Their roots remain. They do not leave their source, but carry its beneficence with them, and turn the world into a garden like the one they came from, and to which they go again with added fragrance. Now are they twice blessed. The messages they brought from Christ have been delivered and returned to them. And they return them gladly unto Him.

Behold the store of miracles set out for you to give. Are you not worth the gift, when God appointed it be given you?  Judge not God’s Son, but follow in the way He has established. Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world. It is His gift whereby a sweet transition can be made from death to life, from hopelessness to hope. Let us an instant dream with Him. His dream awakens us to truth. His vision gives the means for a return to our unlost and everlasting sanctity in God. “

God Bless,    Christ Bless       We  Bless        Ciao

Pray to God for Understanding–hygiene for Illusion

Sawadee Khrap

Now that the Virus Pandemic is slowing down – Eugene sent me a strong text msg today.     “Be careful, it’s more dangerous now than when it all started. People are less scared and more eager to go out.  They’ve let their guard  down”   So TRUE and important to remember.

Pray to God, Holy Spirit for Understanding!!!  MY part in the illusion is to be honest and search out what grievances and judgments am I still holding  and unwilling to let go.   The TRUTH or Reality can only shine away the darkness if I bring them to the surface to be examined and released.  What I refuse to let go will bind me to the Illusion.   Look, Listen and Do Not Judge.  I need do nothing, but STOP what I have been doing to make the illusion seem true to me.

But, while I am bound to illusion, hygiene is the answer to a safe and happy dream.  A mask will be the symbol I can use to show LOVE and RESPECT to others, likewise with hand washing.  I may not escape the dream but I need not be a victim to it.  I can turn the illusion into one where I search for requests for Love or for Love itself – either way answering only with Love.  As close to Heaven as can be obtained in this Illusion while I discard all bound judgement for  a full return to Reality or God Himself.   What better use of my time here ?.

God Bless     Ciao