YMCA – and English classes

Sawadee Khrap

Nu just had his final exam on his first semester of English – #1 in his class of 13 students.   He was enrolled in beginning English at the local YMCA.  You might remember an older post where I showed some images of the place  – when I first came to Thailand I stayed at the “Y” while I was in Chiang Mai.  Not a bad hotel and in addition they have language classes, Thai and English.  So I thought I’d show some shots of the place. 

By the way the place is co-ed now.  No more naked swimming for the boys in the big pool – what a let down – I was really excited and couldn’t wait to take a good plunge and check out the place and swimmers.  Ohhh well, what the hell









Great hotel rates, rooms and language classes – Ohhhh Ya they also have a good cafe, Thai & Western.