It’s called “Frustration”

Sawadee Khrap

All primates are the same – at times “Frustrated”  – Don, Pat and myself took a trip North to visit the zoo today.  I never saw it more evident than this series of shots I took at the entrance to the Aviary at Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi (I have a earlier post with slideshow of photos I took at the zoo – check it out ). 

Next to the car parking area I saw these monkeys atop a cage roof  – I think the photos speak for themselves.IMG_0489IMG_0490IMG_0491

           Kind’a says it all

IMG_0492I didn’t even have to modify these shots – Mother Nature at it’s best.  So the next time you get a guilt feeling wanking your willie – just think of these normal primates.

By the way it’s the best Aviary I have seen and not too far from one of the best birding areas in Thailand “Bang Phra No-Hunting Area.  Didn’t take a lot of photos so this is all I got.

And at the No-Hunting area – (they have birds and animals too) – Don ran into this fella.IMG_0475IMG_0476

  Hornie also  – Or maybe it’s matting season – In any event  this guy liked to have his back scratched and would turn around and press his back to the cage so you could scratch him.  Go get him Don.


Latest FROM “Paul’s Sunday funnies”

Sawadee Khrap

Little Marty came home from school with a smile on his face and told his mother, "Frankie Brown showed me his weenie today at the playground!"

Before the mother could raise a concern, Marty went on to say, "It reminded me of a peanut.

"Relaxing with a hidden smile, Marty’s Mom asked, "Really small, was it?"   Marty replied, "No… Salty."   Mom fainted.


Another day in Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap


Today started at 9AM with breakfast with some friends.  Above you can see Jerry, Jack, Don, Pat – Pat just came today from Ireland.  This was at the pool café at my Condo.  Later Nut showed up.

IMG_0413IMG_0416 From here we headed to the beach for more bull shit time  and feeding the squirrels at Jomtien Dongtan  – IMG_0446that took up the better part of the day – food for the squirrels – peanuts, raw green beans, bananas, grapes, almonds and pineapple – my God they eat better than we do – later that evening a quick trip to Sunee Plaza to see what is going on – tomorrow the Venue to catch Lady Karen’s comedy last act before she heads back to Australia – apparently for good this time – she’s 82 now.IMG_0441IMG_0437IMG_0446-2IMG_0429   Hopefully photos will follow.

Finally getting the hang of the Canon G15 – images getting better.


My favorite portrait

Sawadee Khrap

I really like this portrait of “Nut”.  Just going through my images of _MG_0796-Edit-Editthe boys in Pattaya and discovered I only had a very small shoot of Nut done almost 2 years ago – so I am going to invite him back for a full model session.   Hope he does, great lad and excellent model.

Don’t you think so.


The Venue 2013

Sawadee Khrap

Wow, been a long time since I posted anything – sorry – not busy but lazy.  Several things have happened, I did go to the Venue (see the slideshow below) _MG_7099-EditCapturebut missed the special “Madam Karens” – I will go before she leaves and post the highlights. should be a very good show, I’ll try for the 22nd.  I am always amazed at the quality of the Venue show – everyone is happy, interacting with the audience , and making a terrific evening at the best prices in town.

***** SLIDESHOW *****

In addition The Colosseum  – Pattaya, has opened. Tickets are Capturte1200-1500 Baht for Farangs and 500-600 for Thais – I have a Thai drivers license so I can get in at the lower prices.  I will go but they have already told me – no cameras- pisser, I’ll go to the show and post about it but without photos don’t expect much.  I would think about the same as “Alcazar”.


Norwegian Food–Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

It’s been a long time since I posted anything – and I have be wanting to post about Linda”s restaurant – just up from the beach on Thappraya Rd.  Great food – Here is a shot of Linda and Wit in front.

IMG_0369Looking for something different, -   Great food, service is excellent with Tor on the inside – Wit as greeter – and you are also welcomed by Linda herself.  Nice to see an owner who is proud of her establishment.

IMG_0371IMG_0370Music in the evenings  – CHECK IT OUT.