Open Source or Freeware software I use

Sawadee Khrap

Several people have asked what software programs I regularly use.

I run a 64 Bit  Win 7 system with 16 GB RAM and  4 GB video Graphics card – Wacom Intuos Digitizer board with mouse/Art Pen and 2 – 24in Benq Monitors.  This setup has done almost everything I need it to do and with good Disk Image Backup program – Reflex, registered – I keep my  4 TB of data protected.

I am a Photographic member of Adobe Creative Cloud so Photoshop CC, Bridge and Lightroom are my main programs.  And of course I have registered copies of  Win 7, 64 bit – and a very fast image viewer – FastPictureViewer.   However the rest of my needs are satisfied using Open Source  and/or Freeware Software.

  • OS — Scribus – Desk Top Publishing  –   InDesign
  • OS — InkScape – Vector Image Editor  –  Illustrator
  • OS — Gimp – Bit Map Editor -  however here I use Photoshop
  • OS — Avidemux -  Video Editor – 
  • Free -MPEG – Streamclip – Video Editor
  • Free -VideoLan – Video Player
  • Free – Super – video converter
  • 30 Day – Total Movie Converter – Video Editor
  • Free -MediaInfo – Displays video information of files
  • OS — Open Office – Word, Access, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • OS — Jarte -  Very fast word processor
  • OS — NotePad++  -  Quick ASCI editor
  • Free -WordWeb – Dictionary
  • OS — Audacity – Audio Editor
  • Free -BandiCam – Screen Recorder (Monitor)
  • OS — Filezilla – FTP  (file Transfers)
  • OS — KeePass  -  Password storage
  • Free –AMP Font Viewer – viewing fonts
  • OS — WampServer – Unix emulation shell
  • OS — GeoTag -  geotagging images
  • Free -Comodo – Antivirus and Firewall control
  • Free -Sophos Virus Removal Tool -  antivirus 
  • Free -FlashGet – download manager
  • Free -Windows live Writer (Win Essentials) – Blog commenting
  • OS — 7-Zip – Zipping program for files
  • OS — FireFox – Browser
  • OS — ThunderBird – Email Client
  • Free -Foxit Reader – PDF reader
  • Free -Google Earth – maps
  • Free -Skype – VOI – phone
  • Free -Nexus – Apple like Launcher for Windows Desktop
  • Free -CCleaner -  Registry and Performance checker
  • I didn’t put in the links to the homepages as all can be easily obtained from Google.

I’m hoping someone can find this valuable – all the software I show above I use and I think are the best of their class and easiest to use – and except for my registered ones are FREE.


Earthquake Data


Sawadee Khrap

I just received a comment for a 2007 Post  – Another Earthquake – about the Burma quake near Chiang Mai from a reader – Sharon Thornton from the “International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics”.  IUGGWOW,  thanks Sharon for reading the blog and finding some of it’s articles of value.  I have added your comments to the actual post in question so others can benefit and I also will post them here.  It’s nice to know that people of all walks of life are finding something of value in the Blog besides just looking at the pretty pictures of the boys.  I really appreciate the interest and comment – Thank you.

  1. Earthquakes Data magnitude 5.0 and Over 2005-2014   (This reference is also a subtle ad – but I think Krill Oil is of great value,  – however at the present time, I personally take Blackmores Omega Memo Fish Oil )
  2.  Seismic Monitor
  3. Quakes – Live Earthquakes Map
  4. USGS Earthquake Data

I’m planning on moving back to Chiang Mai after the first of the year and will certainly use the sites you pointed out to monitor the possibilities of future quakes around or near CM..

Again thanks Sharon.