A little Cinnamon will do ya

Sawadee Khrap

Mark Hand was telling me about the benefits he has gotten from a small amount of cinnamon with his oatmeal every morning – so I tried it too – great success – it lowered my BP by about 10 points in about a week.  I have been adding one shake of  Durkee – Ground Cinnamon to my cup of oatmeal every morning – about 1-2 grams along with 1 Tablespoon of Honey.

There are 2 major types of cinnamon – Ceylon which is grown in Sri Lanka and Cassia or Chinese from Indonesia.  Cassia has extremely high concentrations of Coumadin, a blood thinning compound, and is the major commercial product such as is in Durkee’s , while the Ceylon variety has very little Coumadin.   This would make a big difference and be much safer, particularly since I am also taking Fish Oil ( Omega oils) to reduce Cholesterol levels, but fish oil is also a major blood thinning agent.   So I have ordered 250 grams from Ceylon Cinnamon – should be here in about a week – in the mean time I will continue using Durkee’s.  I am hoping I find a major difference in aroma and taste – first impressions – then see what benefits taking the Ceylon every day will give.

I’ll post the results after about a month after making sure the effects are genuine and lasting.  The best thing that could happen is that I could eventually reduce my Olemsartan dosage and lessen of any of its side effects.  Slowly I am getting rid of all the commercial drugs and using natural food stuffs to control my health – honey, cinnamon, fish oil, raw vegetables, CoCo -chocolate, exercise.