still nostalgia–Thaton near Chiang Rai

Sawadee Khrap


This is a 17X25 inch digital painting of my favorite place just North of Fang on the way to Chiang Rai = Thaton.  This is the Kok River, and it used to be the boundary of Thailand/Burma but now is considered Thailand, However many of the people on the western or left side still speak Burmese.

Too bad this small posted image doesn’t show the painting details like the full sized print – here it tends to look like a photo but the printed version is very hand-painted life like.  This is a full size portion of the printed version.


It was produced using several filters and embossing in CS6 Photoshop – I cannot post the full size here but if someone is interested, I will see what I can do for them to get a copy