Tribute to a friend

Sawadee Khrap

Last month, Simon and I had a impromptu photo shoot with our visiting mutual friend Chris.  This is a special image I created using several Photoshop techniques.


As you all know I study ACIM and it states that the body is but a symbol of separation from God.  But it is also emphasized that it’s NEITHER   good nor evil, but merely a symbol.  That symbol, can also be used by the Holy Spirit to show the beauty and grandeur of God’s presence,  if I but look from a perspective of Sinlessness. 

A sunset, a rainbow, a nude,  These can all be opportunities to witness to God’ glory and Sonship.  As a gay man I prefer to view male bodies – how about you?   Where do you see the shining light of God’s love.

God Bless        Ciao

Dok Kaew Gardens

Sawadee Khrap

Jerry, a friend of mine , living in Dok Kaew Garden assisted living facility on McKean hospital Senior Center grounds showed me this beautiful area near his room.   What a wonderful place to meditate and relax.

This is my    16 x 16 inch digital Acrylic Oil painting.  I’ve told them to keep a room open as I plan to retire there when my roving days are over – probably fairly soon   Lol.


Nanee’s and The Erotic Garden

Sawadee Khrap

On March 3rd, Simon and I took a quick trip to Mae Rim and visited  2 locations.

At both places we met the owner and artist who developed the attraction.  They are located right next to each other in beautiful Mae Rim valley area.  What a day to relax and meet two wonderful people , each with inspiring stories. – Great places to visit and NOT the usual tourist traps, but unique sites of Unseen Thailand.  Seeing is believing, so I really recommend that you visit them yourself on your next trip here..




Erotic Garden:



Bristle Brushes

Sawadee Khrap

Started using the “Bristle brushes” in Photoshop for my paintings.  Much better control and effect.  This is a scene I saw on a recent trip a few weeks ago to “The Giant”  treehouse restaurant in Doi Saket, north of Chiang Mai.  A small coffee shop on the way had this display in their parking lot – just had to paint it.  Digital Acrylic Oil painting —  15 inch x 10 inch.Garden-Bike-web

P.S.   Went back with other friends yesterday and had car trouble, my 4 wheel drive unit locked up and I had to be towed back to the repair shop – still without a car so I had time to finished this painting I was working on – funny it was a scene from my last visit there – maybe a omen.


Hmong Village–Doi Pui

Sawadee Khrap

This Digital Acrylic Oil painting, 10in x 15in canvas HmoungVillage-web6is my interpretation of a great view I spotted while on a trip to visit the Hmong village at Doi Pui with Simon last week.  I particularly liked the contrast of the brilliant red poinsettias against the blue sky and the rustic building.


Getting back to painting

Sawadee Khrap

New computer running, I started back painting.  My first task was to finish a painting of a “Smiling Buddha”.  I think I saw it somewhere near Sukhothai but not sure.  I did use the new plug-in AD-Impasto which gives me the ability to present an impasto simulation effect to the paint – mild but very noticeable at full size  – this painting is at high printing resolution 300 dpi, 10 in x 15 in –Digital Acrylic Oil paint.Buddha-web


Celestial Dreaming

Sawadee Khrap

My latest painting – Celestial Dreaming – a 20×30 inch.  Acrylic on Pastel Chalk Digital painting.Clestrial-Dreaming-web   I need to do another with a better background – the chalk just doesn’t do it justice……  I wanted the floating effect but need more dreamy appearance.  But at least it’s a start in the right direction.  What are your thoughts.


Buddhist Hell – Mae Jo


Simon and I went to explore the Mae Jo local temple – Buddhist Hell –  20180513_153201at  Wat Mae Kaet Noi – also called – Wat Si Don Chia Pa Tung Ngam.

It’s like a Disneyland area – turnstile entrance (10 Baht ea.) , divided in 2 section areas – Heaven and Hell.       Amazing – The first thing that stands out is the deplorable attitude about sex – same as in the Christian and Islamic religions.  Statues  with emphasized penises, vaginas,  disfigured and/or being mutated –  Here are some glaring examples – the rest are in the Slideshow.20180513_15024220180513_15054320180513_150325


Make sure to visit the display – very eye opening and shows the blend of Buddhism, Hindu, Chinese Gods, and Animism.  Sex always seems to be the point of attack around the world – actually there are only 3 functions in life, Eating, Sleeping and Sex.  And the first two are only done so one can do the last – SEX   Think about it and make sure to visit the Temple.