What is JOY

Sawadee Khrap

I saw a great interview on TV about  T.Denny Sanford, billionaire philanthropist. Here’s another one with him on YouTube:


Giving is a joy” is Sanford’s moto and way of life.  He has the means and has already donated over 1.6 billion.  This is a perfect example of giving in the “Spirit”.

Other glaring examples: seeing and sharing a beautiful sunset/ sunrise, a rainbow, an artistic work or painting, a child’s expression of wonderment,  results of living the St Francis prayer, and especially looking into the eyes of a lover.  Joy of the Spirit is BEING.

This IS PEACE, a contentment, love or pure  JOY.  The world vanishes and all that’s there is the beauty I see in front of me, it encompasses me and I become a part.  -“ONE” –   NO JUDGEMENT, or CONDEMNATION, Total acceptance of reality as it is.  The magnitude mentioned in the Course passage in my past post.

I can feel this joy expanding as I write this post – the union of us all, the idea that we all share the divine function and the inherence that is ours.

Contrast this JOY with the joy, as sought in the world of bodies, where  getting, having, controlling, using something are but fleeting instant gratifications, needed to be done over and over again because it will never be as great as it was the first time.   An addiction that can never be satisficed.  As Buddhism puts it “suffering” in its basic form.

God Bless   Ciao.