A must-have for Photoshop users

Sawadee Khrap

tumasoftPresetViewerHere is a “MUST HAVE” program for Photoshop users.  TumaSoft Preset Vewier.  I have a tremendous collection of brushes, shapes, patterns, clipart, and styles and I have been finding it almost impossible to remember what I have  – each time I have to sift through the entire collection by loading them in Photoshop one by one and viewing as little icon images -   what a bitch

Come to the rescue TumaSoft.   Their viewer allows me to view off-line, in extremely large size all my collection before I load them into Photoshop.  I can also create new collections, export brushes as PNG images, search my clipart, etc.  A great program.   If your serious about Photoshop you owe it to yourself to check out this helper.  I bought the version pictured above but they also have a Adobe AIR version.

UPDATE:  Support and service was there – they also allowed me to upgrade (w/o additional charge) to Breeze.  Breeze was released just before CS6 came out so it doesn’t know specific CS6 brushes, update later for this – [ Preset Viewer 2.1 was released before CS5 so has a limited brush capability for the new ones.]   I think Breeze’s GUI is more attractive and easier to work with – Get this one.