Pill Pushers

Sawadee Khrap

I have been reducing my blood pressure medicine for 7 months now and have acvalmost eliminated them completely by using good diet and exercise.  Before I started getting rid of them, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  I had all the classic symptoms – slow blinking, shaking, lip tremors, poor balance, stiff posture, lack of arm movement while walking, and so on.,   At that time I read a article talking about Pseudo-Parkinson’s caused by some BP meds, which I was on.  It even has a name – DIP – Drug Induced Parkinson’s.     By God, it was right – almost all affects are gone now. 

But, I still have a persistent cough and I attributed it to the meds but will try this tonic approach to see if my cough is actually caused by acid reflex..  What a relief if that is the case.     I’ll post my progress.

Don’t be held captive by the drug pushers – seek natural healing .

God Blesses      Christ Blesses      I Need ONLY Bless


New Year’s Resolution

Sawadee Khrap

What is the difference between modem medicine and foods?  Last time I visited the doctor I was told that it would be impossible to eat enough greens to change my artery blockage, BUT I could take this 10 mg pill  to lower my blood pressure and solve my problem.   Sounds like magic to me.   The achievements of modern science.  Humanity trumpets over Reality.

But is doesn’t really make sense.   What  I ate and the actions I took  determined my present status,  high blood pressure and all.  I have to look at it honestly.

Did I eat the foods necessary to maintain a healthy system?  Did I exercise regularly?   Did I get the necessary sleep or did I have sleeping problems?  HONESTLY !!!   NO, of courses not.  I ate what I wanted and liked.  I drank what I wanted, not caring what it was really affecting.  I concentrated on changing reality to fit my desires without even considering the stress that would  create.   And when I felt the damaging effects of detritus material in my veins  I rushed to the medicine cabinet for a quick fix with a  cover up pill.  And it worked – getting me to where I am now. 

I have tempted God in every way and expected Him to send down His angels to save me from crashing on the rocks below – sounds like the same test Jesus took in the desert.  But I didn’t answer “Get behind me Satan”  I plowed right head and blamed God for not taking away my afflictions.

Today is a good time for Frank to begin his recovery by cultivating some basic habits, eating  only good foodstuffs, drinking only good liquids, getting proper exercise and sleep, and above all quite trying to change the world (forgive and reduce stress).

I do thank God that His help has always been provided, sometimes in the form of magic, to help me along my way.  That 10 mg pill will lower my blood pressure until I can find the right combination of proper foods to clean out my plugged arteries.  Right now I am trying to increase the Omega-3 / Omega-6 ratio by increasing plant  vs animal foods., – by adding 2 oz. of ground flaxseed in 3 Oz. applesauce every morning as breakfast.   Actually going back to what Elohim told me what He provide in Creation – “Plants and seeds will be my meat”.

God Bless    Ciao

Vegan ? is there precedence

Sawadee Khrap

Just finished watching a video on NetFlix “Game Changer” on YouTube.  Wonderful movie showing the detritus effects of meat and dairy products on the blood and wellness of the human body .

But I  also found the challenger to the video “ Game Changers DEBUNKED” on YouTube.  Listened to them both but still I will go meat less.

They reminded me of what was said in Genesis 1 creation story.  “I have given you every plant with seeds on the face of the earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds.  This will be your food. “  Has science caught up with the Bible?

Check out these very strange sayings attributed to Jesus in “The Gospel of Thomas” such as:

(11) Jesus says: “This heaven will pass away, and the (heaven) above it will pass away. And the dead are not alive, and the living will not die.  In the days when you consumed what was dead, you made it alive. When you are in the light, what will you do?  On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?”

(56) Jesus says: “Whoever has come to know the world has found a corpse.  And whoever has found (this) corpse, of him the world is not worthy.”

(70) Jesus says: “If you bring it into being within you, (then) that which you have will save you. If you do not have it within you, (then) that which you do not have within you [will] kill you.”

(108) Jesus says: “Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself will become he, and what is hidden will be revealed to him.”

AND at the last supper (Passover Seder) Jesus broke bread and said “this is my body” and took wine “this is my blood” and “do this in remembrance of me.”    Jesus did not use the lamb, the sacrificial lamb meat, present at the Seder dinner  -BUT – he chose the bread.  Exactly as stated in Genesis 1 – Elohim’s designated food.

Also notice that later in Genesis 4, Yahweh preferred Abel’s offering of choice parts of the firstborn animals of his flock and rejected Cain’s crops from the land. (in the illusion)

“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.”  Genesis 14:18, KJV

The “Most High God”  was Elohim

“For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by him that said unto him, The Yahweh sware and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec:”    Psalm 110:4 and Hebrews 7:21

Everything points to Elohim’s Creation and the food for humans he supplied.  I ,for one, can testify that since I have stopped eating meat products and started juce’ing , I do feel lighter, more energic, and intend to continue.  A good indicator of my success will be any lowering of my blood pressure hopefully indicating cleaner arteries.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I intend to have a Sonogram done in 6 months to see is there really is a difference from my last test last month..

God Bless   Ciao

Early Owls

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from lunch with Kevin and Chart – found a GREAT new place – Early Owls.  Service was superior, ambiance was exceptional, and the food was perfect.  Located in Suan Chiang Puak behind Rajabhat University area, formally everyone called the jungle – June and Jene have opened a great small home like café. full organic in a 60 year old teak house with a beautiful landscape to enjoy with your meal.IMG_20190312_124652IMG_20190312_124040

Be sure and stop by and say hello and enjoy a wonderful quiet time and meal.


Food Poisoning

Sawadee Khrap

I am just recovering from a acute food poisoning.  Started Sunday, Day 5 so far, lost about 2-3 Kilo of weight, dehydrated, and very weak – today was actually the first good meal I have had during that time – Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup.  Last night I had a real setback – I forgot that antibiotics and milk products don’t mix – and so I had a bowl of mushroom soup – Boy what a mistake.  All hell broke loose, probably killed all the antibiotics, set me back on recovery – but drinking more water  I did feel better in the morning, extremely hungry, had that chicken soup I spoke about earlier and back on schedule.

I believe that the poisoning came from a sandwich I had over night in the refrigerator.  Ironically that Sunday morning I had just purchased a new refrigerator, because it was letting the contents spoil too fast,  and that evening it hit me.  Simon says I looked like a living dead, no color, barely able to move, shaky – bad shape.   I had some Ciprofloxin in the house so started 1000 mg/day dose   Then I went to the hospital for conformation – they agreed and sent me home with more meds and electrolyte solutions.  So now it just time and watching what I eat.   Life goes on !!!


Medical update–no HBP medicine

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally weaned myself off all prescription drugs.  I do take one caplet of “Himalaya Brand” Ashwagandha every weekday but not on weekends. and continue to take some Vitamin D3 and B complex daily just to round out my diet.  For the fist time in many months I am very clear-headed, feel normal and my eyesight is good.  Blood test show kidney function the best in 2 years and improving.  ED slowly disappearing, but still I still need a little help from a 1/4 dose of Viagra.

BP is stable at average 150/75  and slowly lowering as I maintain a meat free diet, heavy in vegetables and fruits with Juicing a mixture of spinach, carrot, celery, and apple every day.  I do start off each morning with a glass of water and fresh lemon juice plus  a 1 egg omelet, made with onions, carrot and garlic and herbs including Himalayan Sea Salt.  Generally, I try to eat a fruit salad for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  Of prime importance is drinking at least 7 glasses of water daily.  Every other glass I add a pinch of Sea Salt.

Two Doctors that have really opened my eyes and brought me success are     Dr John Bergman    and    Barbara ONeil.    Check out their YouTube videos on a full range of health topics – their grasp of disease is spot on – and their methods for obtaining full health are amazingly simple and WORK !.  At least so far for me – stay tuned for future updates.  I’ll explain more on the next installment.





It’s been a week so far and I feel terrific.

Ashwagandha–it seems to be working

Sawadee Khrap

6Continuing my health saga and research.  I tried to take Ginkgo Bilbao, it did amazing well – helped the Glaucoma and circulation in my legs – BUT, I am apparently allergic to it – developed a large skin rash and it was getting worse at each dose.  Damn, works but cannot take it.    Himalaya Ashwagandha from iHerbs to the rescue.  Even my kidney Doctor was surprised and is researching the herb himself.  I have been taking a capsule a day for 3 weeks now and seem to  have better vision and the circulation in my legs is amazing.  All walking pain is gone.  In addition, I have been able to stop taking Olmersartan for HBP and my BP is running about 140/70.  I continue to take Madiplot, 10mg morning and evening, but soon I may be able to stop that with proper food consumption.   I have also noted that my blood test have show that my urine is very acidic.  That indicates that my diet needs to be change to a more neutral one – increasing vegetables and fruits while cutting down on carbs and protein.  This will also help the kidneys function.   So in addition to the diet change, I have also started on taking 2 tbsp. (garlic-apple cider vinegar- honey-lemon) mixture each morning before  I take my meds and during the day drinking a glass of lemon aid each day in the afternoon.   Now I need to get some pH papers to pee on to test alkalinity.  The garlic-apple cider vinegar mixture is also supposed to clear out blocked arteries and reduce BP – we will see but so far it seems to be doing something and my BP is coming down.  Hopefully I can eliminate the Madiplot and that will make me Pharma drugs free – just taking natural foods.   More to come.


Papa’s Garden–Doi SaKet

Sawadee Khrap

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I visited venues in the area 20171011_13483320171011_135820and posted about them – lost in my painting.  Today I went with a couple of friends to Papa’s Garden in Doi SaKet for lunch. Great food and surroundings.  A little way off the beaten path but well worth it. They grow, hydroponically, their own salads and served fresh.20171011_13505620171011_13511220171011_13514920171011_13541720171011_13571220171011_135441 Walked around the facilities and this would be a great place to stay for a family. Something for the kids and relaxing for the parents.


Update on health–”Nightshades”

Sawadee Khrap

I mentioned when I got back from the Burma trip that I felt a lot better. Fox TV aired a clip about a lady who teaches Ayurvedic medicine and she made a statement that eating “Nightshades” can cause an allergic reaction in some people causing joint pain.    (i.e.   egg plant, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes) 

So for the past 2 weeks I have eliminated all of them from my diet , and gone to just rice and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, onion, and carrots) and at every other meal a small portion of chicken.  Almost all the joint pain has gone or going away – amazing.    Knee joints, what I thought was ligament stiffing and pain, are all subsiding.  I wake up in the morning having had a better sleep and more energy.   Amazing, I would never have guessed it and I am sure “modern” medicine would never had suggested either.  When I mentioned my pain to the doctors they just shrugged it off to poor exercise and old age.  The only thing I’ve done is eliminate them from my diet – and for sure have not exercised more.

I’ll post my progress,  but I thought it best to get out there a.s.a.p. as many others may be suffering and not even have the slightest idea why –  its worth a try if you do have joint pain.


Benefits of the Burma Trip

Sawadee Khrap

Back almost a week from my trip to Burma and I am realizing some beneficial side effects.

  1. The extremely bumpy roads on the trip – the constant rocking back and forth, which I thought would hurt my lower back – in fact actually helped it – like getting a great massage – when I got back i had little or no lower back pain and it did not start coming back until several days later.   So I am trying to make sure I do not sit for long periods of time and always do some movement and stretching.
  2. Before I went on the trip I was experiencing constant joint pain  especially in my knees. But on the trip, because almost all the dishes served for lunch and dinner were spicy, I opted only for rice and mixed vegetables – which was mostly cauliflower.    When I got back I noticed almost all joint pain was gone.    At home I was eating a lot of potatoes, tomato, egg plant and bell peppers – NIGHTSHADES – and some researching of the Internet showed studies that indicated nightshades can product allergic reactions in many people similar to arthritis. – which is apparently my case – after the trip I had no joint pain but after coming back and going on my normal diet  – the aching joints came back.  Now I will stop eating nightshades and see if the joint pain goes away again.     I had thought it was from mostly old age.
  3. And thirdly, since I began taking a daily dose of Cialis for prostate, blood pressure and ED control, I have had relativity strong edema in my feet, very noticeable and commented on by several of my friends.   So,  since I didn’t imagine that this trip would produce any amorous situations, I stopped taking the Cialis.  Sure enough almost all the swelling in my feet subsided.  For obvious purposes I don’t want to eliminate the Cialis from my daily meds now that I’m back – unless I can find a substitute that is – a natural method if possible.  I am still working on that, but for the near future I will just put up with the slight edema so I can gain all the other benefits. LoL.  At least now I am sure what’s causing my edema.

The trip also has re-ignited my travel interest and so I am planning a future trip to Laung Prabang, Laos – hopefully next month, maybe for Songkran.   They celebrate it there and I understand it is a wonderful experience, similar but not the same as Thailand.   I am now checking Planet Romeo for possibility of contacting new friends in Luang Prabang, who could serve as my guide and companion for a visit there.  Having someone who is familiar with the area would be quite a blessing.

One can only speculate what benefits another trip might reveal.


CityLife Garden Fair 2017

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from visiting the CityLife Garden Fair at JJ Markets this DSC02874morning. Kevin, Mike and myself went together and had a great time and good food.  There was a very large attendance and some great booths there – food , artist, clothing, hand made items, including some hand made pop-up birthday and occasion cards. I bought several.  And you know me I am always on the alert for photogenic guys. For me the highlight of the day was meeting “Latte” (hope I spelling right).DSC02888


Ironic – Good health but alone

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from the kidney doctor and received a good report.  BP about 124/60, kidney function levels stabilized – pain in legs almost gone – good walking now – feeling great BUT !!!.     Of all the times to be single, but thank God I did have someone with me as I went through the crap of getting this BP-Kidney problem taken care of – too bad it fucked up my temperament making it so they couldn’t have stuck around enough to enjoy the final outcome.

Present meds –

  • 10mg       Madiplot
  • 20mg       Olmersartan
  • 5mg         Folic Acid
  • 81mg       Aspirin
  • 2000mg   Fish Oil – Blackmores Omega high DHA
  • 2000mg   Turmeric – with Blackpepper corns
  • 10mg        Cialis

After all the trials – this is the final formula that seems to work – everything working – I am testing taking every evening 1 TPS of Apple Cider Vinegar for stomach health and reducing acid reflex and also taking 3 squares of 99% Cocoa powder chockalott daily for additional antioxidants.

Trying to keep the Pharmaceutical meds to a minimum.