Blood Pressure update

Sawadee Khrap

Blackmores Omega MemoJust found and started taking Blackmores Omega Memo – this stuff is a concentrated Omega-3 nutritional oil capsule containing  500 mg DHA.  DHA being the most important Omega related to “good” cholesterols.  It is supposed to increase the level of good cholesterols while decreasing the bad, while also thinning the blood, and reducing the blood pressure.  I find that I can reduce the Valsartan from 240 mg/day to 160mg/day and my blood pressure is running about 120/60 all day.   Before I had to take 3000 mg standard fish oil to get the same 600 mg DHA – too much daily consumption of oil for the same benefit. 

So my pill regiment has become :  160mg Valsartan, baby aspirin, 1/8 Cialis tab, and 3 squares of 73% Coco after a large Oatmeal breakfast – then a 1000mg Omega Memo after dinner – this combination has been keeping my BP almost steady at 120/60 all day and also allowed me to eliminate the Plavix I was taking for blood thinning.  Of course the 2 mile/day walking work-out has a lot to do with the equation too.  Don’t forget the exercise.

Now my monthly cost is running about 1000 Baht (US $31/mo. ) for all my meds.  Far cry from where I started out in this nightmare being told I had 5 blocked artery’s and needed 800,000 Baht   (US $25,000)  operations and would need to take roughly 4,000 Baht/mo. (US  $125) meds for the rest of my life.   I supposed if I had insurance – well I don’t.  God Bless.

At the end of Sept I will once again check my cholesterol levels and kidney functions to make sure everything is still on track – but so far I feel great and that should be the best indicator. Although this combination is working for me, I have just talked to a friend that the Blackmores product didn’t work for him – so I put this up here to show a example of what could work -  I have done numerous trials and checks to determine what is working best for me and I’m just hoping my experience can benefit others.