Expats Club

Sawadee Khrap

WOW!!!  it’s been a week since I posted – my how time flys and I don’t remember getting a lot done.

Went to my first Expat Club meeting yesterday and signed up – great meeting, about 80 people there and the guest speaker was the lady who runs the American Consulate here in Chiang Mai.  Very interesting.  Met the guys who coordinators for a computer and photography group – I will start going to these and see if I can make new friends with a common interest. 

We, Tas and I, are really starting to expand our knowledge in Photoshop and Sony Vegas for DVD’s.  The last several months were spent in trying to learn the basics and now I think we can start to put this knowledge to work.  And I meet several people at the Expats meeting that sell their photos and artwork  – hopefully I can get some hints from them too.

Tas just went off to school – he started a catch up class to bring him where he can start going to University and complete his schooling – just to make sure he has something to fall back on.  But I believe that when the family and he learn how to run their own businesses, they will be secure in the future.

BOClean_bzI’m trying out some new software – BOClean – anti-malware, anti-trojan program that has been touted as a great one – loaded OK and seems to work but hasn’t caught any unwanted action so far.

I guess only time will tell.  I now run ZoneAlarm Firewall Suite, and AVG anti-virus software  – systems been clean so far– Knock on wood.   If you’d like to check your system try Shields Up     AND OF COURSE THEY ALL OFFER A FREE VERSION.


I have also been asking for comments and thought I post the resutls – so far there has been 47 real comments and 1311 spam (which were deleted) comments caught by the program – great spam protection – but I still want to get YOUR comments.