What CAN I do?

Sawadee Khrap

“Get out of my country”: Facebook page encourages violence against foreigners in Thailand not wearing facemasks..    is an article in ThaiVisa   

Reading the comments by the expats is alarming – We, I included, are visitors here and should respect the land and culture instead of assuming a belligerent attitude that my rights are being compromised.

How can I look at this situation with discernment BUT without judgment?

First, I need to realize this is a world built on FEAR and the best thing I can do is to make sure I don’t increase that fear. Although I may believe that a mask is not necessary, it is a request or even a law, and I as a visitor need to honor it.   Making people feel uncomfortable, so I can prove my point, is NOT the way to show them that their fear is valueless.   Increasing the fear is not a cure. But by wearing the mask , if only for their benefit, while reinforcing in my mind that I am really God’s Son – Spirit – and not a body to get sick and die, is to allow spiritual healing to take place for both myself and them. This way will allow the Dreamer to change the dream to a happy one not being blocked by the characters judgments. The Dreamer sets the dream, the characters can only bind it. As Jesus said “Father, forgive them they know not what they do”. He was IN the world but NOT part of it, so must I be.

If I see fear in another, it is because I saw it first in myself and then projected it out. Everything I see is a projection of my inner thoughts, I am the ONLY one who determines my world – do I see fear or love? If I see fear then my only response is to answer the seeming lack of love by offering love. This response is spiritual healing for it IS the realization that I AM LOVE itself. If God is Love and I am ONE with God/Christ then I am LOVE and that’s ALL I am and all I can give….

Just my thoughts – love to hear yours.

God Bless     Ciao

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  1. About 5-6 weeks ago, there was an article in I believe Thiger about comments that the Health Minister had made after visiting Chiang Mai and observing that all of the Asians were wearing face masks, but that falangs were not. He went further and said that falangs were dirty, did not bathe, and had come to Thailand to escape the virus in their home countries. I believe it was 3-4 weeks prior to that article, he had become upset with Caucasian tourists arriving in Bangkok who refused free face masks when offered.
    My own observation is that the Thai people in general, in regards to communicable disease, be it flu or even a common cold, are much more socially responsible than westerners. They wear face masks so that they don’t spread disease when they have a cold, a cough, a runny nose. I suggested to a group that I belong to that even if we did not have any symptoms of any type of communicable disease, that we would set a better example by wearing a face mask when out in public. The bottom line is that we are guests with very few rights, if any, and the best route to travel is that of least resistance. I think the Thai attitude is that people who will not wear a face mask, be it Thai or foreigner, are putting the public in jeapardy. I’ve not heard of any law (at least at this time) requiring face masks, but when you see that 100% of the Thais out and about are wearing face masks, it just makes sense to go with the flow. Don’t draw attention to your lack of social responsibility and leave a negative impression for all who live here as guests of the wonderful Thai people. Sometimes the clearly racist posts by falang on Thai Visa draw this response from me…”If you’re so unhappy here, why don’t you just go back to the utopia that you came from”.

  2. Frank, It’s not just Thailand. Westerners all over Asia are being reprimanded for not wearing masks. We even heard stories of travellers in India trying to get back to the UK, being beaten in the streets where they were being accused of bringing the virus to their country.

    Of course I take a different view on Religion. I always remember seeing on the news the devastation after that great Asian Tsunami where a Father sadly lost his whole family. And as he looked up to the sky he shouted out “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken us.” As if his God had anything to do with the disaster.

    And of course when there’s a mass shooting in America, all we hear from politicians like Mike Pence is “All we can do is pray for the victims.” Where as most people outside America would disagree. We would rather see something done about that Second Amendment. Ordinary Americans do not need to be armed with War like army heavy weapons.

    I often say that with regard to America and many religious parts of the world that follow the Christian faith, they always act in a very un-Christian way with regard to LGBT people, particularly in the Southern Bible belt where youngsters are having to walk out and disown their own hateful families for that final taste of freedom.
    Which must confuse many Christians not sure of what to think, realizing that there are so many contradictions within the Christian faith.

    Anyway I hope you’re getting through this horrible time. David.

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