Beach Activities

Sawadee Khrap


First, I always go the North end of Jomtien Beach and rent a chair to enjoy the afternoon.  The predominate gay area (flying the rainbow flags) is almost in the middle – between  the police station and the north end of the beach.  Before and after are mostly family areas – Here’s some quick shots. And then to the wind surfing area, Parachute gliding, and ski boats :_MG_9408_MG_9414_MG_9521





_MG_9515Great places to eat along the beach – fresh fruit anyone – and of course if your Russian (most are – ha.ha.)_MG_9592_MG_9590 the last sign is for you.


When in Jomtien–”VENUE” – Don’t Miss it

Sawadee Khrap

















Here is the  ******* SLIDESHOW *******   check it out.

The “Venue” is a real landmark for Jomtien Complex – This was last night (Sunday) and time for the start of a new different show for the coming week. 

First, we were treated to 2 singers – and they were great – headliner Mr.Paul (photo #2) – Classic Italian songs, excellent.  Then the main show – I meet Mr. Ball (last photo) and will be sure to return and get better shots in the future – I am hoping that Khun Ball will get me in the wings to get some shots behind the scenes.


Isn’t he lovely

Sawadee Khrap






Here are several versions of my masseur’s images.  Isn’t he sexy!

On the last one I used a template from  “PhotoFunia”  – they have some great scenes that you can submit your photos to and have them processed – only problem is that they don’t like nude, xxx or what they term offensive shots ( ???)  – so I have used this one in Photoshop to be able to add what I like.

Also you can check other same sites such as ,   Dumpr , FunPhotoBox , LoonaPix, Photo505 and  MagMyPic


Amazing –> opportunity = Freedom

Sawadee Khrap

Just sitting here watching TV tonight and I realized that I am now in real retirement.  I went to do my 90-day report with Immigration, it was fast and efficient – 15 min and on my way – then I took my ailing monitor in and found out that what I had was a bad cable – problem solved at minimum cost – a little shopping for food and then a trip to the beach to see friends – 2 hr. there, then  3 propositions from young men on the way home from the beach.   Hectic day

I have just been going over my options for tonight

  • a.  Have young man come and give a 2 hr. oil massage – 600B
  • b.  Go to Sunee Plaza and see some shows – 120 B / drink  + tips
  • c.  Go to Walking Street and check out the local action.   ? B
  • d.  Go to Jomtien Complex and catch the Cabaret show “Venue”
  • e.  From Gay Romeo invite a young man over for the evening.
  • f.  Just stay home tonight and enjoy some TV and computer time

I think I have elected to do “F” tonight – there’s always tomorrow.

What a great feeling to know that tomorrow and the days after will afford the same or more options.  Truly a great retirement.  Of course I am looking forward to obtaining a condo that will have kitchen facilities and a little bigger than where I am now so I can set up my photo-flash lighting and get back to making some images and paintings.  Several boys are waiting for that —  (Here in Pattaya – young men 18/up are called “boys” )  But that just increases the options.

Now,  I just hope I get used to the heat   !!!!     It is hotter here than in Chiang Mai.


getting used to Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Just getting used to Pattaya, little hotter than Chiang Mai, but has so much more to offer.  My daily trips to the beach has opened many new friendships and several evenings I have taken in local shows.  What’s nice is that they are within walking distance – so boredom is becoming a thing of the past .

8967--2Here’s a photo of a new friend I met.  Photography is still my major activity – Models are also easier to get here – so I intend to post more images in the future ( and paintings, I’m working on a few now)

This afternoon a friend will stop by to work together on Photoshop and developing better photo skills – he’s a professional journalistic photographer and I really look forward to learning new techniques.

Later this evening, Dana, will arrive from the US and I will meet him in Boys Town.  This will be the first time I’ve gone there and plan to bring my camera to get some shots.


Sattahip Navel Base Beach

Sawadee Khrap



And if you really want a very, very clean beach and water to swim in go down to Sattahip Navel Base and their beach area – there is a charge  Farang-80, Thai-30 but well worth it.




That’s my friend “Nai” walking on the beach, we went down for a afternoon and had a great time.  Of course I didn’t swim – maybe next time, the sand and water is really clear and clean – excellent for swim.






Don’s little girls

Sawadee Khrap



Fellow x-pat “Don” has these lovely Australian sugar gliders or flying squirrels as pets  – Thought you would like to see them – he carries them to the beach in a small towel pouch – I’ll get some more shots later – enjoy.

_MG_8667 _MG_8675







Jomtiem Beach area–daily eye exercise

Sawadee Khrap



Here are some shots of the local hangouts – first off the beach – just a lazy day relaxing at the beach – 30 Baht for a chair rental , and watch the boys go by.  That’s Jerry below.











Oliver and his friend and a very cute young man who stopped by – also here are some of the best eating and drinking spots at Jomtiem. 


_MG_8654 _MG_8653







And if you need a haircut  – see Jin at KK – just up the street from


the 7-11   can’t miss it.




Pattaya–Sawadee Pee Mai

Sawadee Khrap 





Happy New Year

Here is a general shot of the Jomtiem Area of Pattaya.  I am staying until high-season is over at the Jomtiem Beach Condo at the lower left.  The gay beach area is up by the Jomtiem Complex and Sunee Plaza ( twinks ) and Boy’s Town (macho-beefy boys) are closer to Walking Street in the center left.  I also show the Alcazar and Tiffany – Ladyboy Cabaret shows. I will start posting about local businesses, venues, clubs, etc.  and point out the best values in Pattaya.