Expat’s Newsletter write-up Lak Tang

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks – What a great write-up in the Expats Newsletter about our presentation of the plight of the peoples of Lak Tang Village and the 1 Baht School.

Please take a look at the “CEC Meeting Notes”  page 3  Issue 17 Oct 7, 2007.  Thanks Michael LaRocca for this nice mention.  So far we have raised 6,000+ Baht and a car load of donated items, clothes, food, medicine, etc. And there is planned 2 caravan trips to the Village within the next week or so, each with a truck load of donations.  Several people have also told me that they are working with others to raise more items within the next few weeks. I am impressed.  The winter is here and these people really need help and the Expats of Chiang Mai haven’t let them down.  God Bless

The Newsletter is also running a quarter ad for out project – see bottom/right  page 5

What a great outpouring of help.