Seems to never stop – operation postponed

Sawadee Khrap

Seems to never stop – On Wednesday Siriraj Hospital call and asked me to come in and set an appointment for Sunday 8th for the operation.  WOW so quick and short time notice.   So got up at 4AM and made it to the bus station at 5 AM for the bus to Ekkami terminal BKK – then cab to Siriraj.  Arrived at 8:30 AM and went to the 1st floor of the Cardiac Center.   Had my blood sampled for some more test and received my papers and had the appointment set for 1PM Sunday 8th.  But now they stated that they also needed 250,000 deposit made when I check in to cover all possible costs – I remember that I was told that a Angioplasty would run 60,000 and stent maybe another 60,000 for a total cost of about 120-150,000 Baht.  That was a a big surprise.   I had  80,000 cash on me and my credit card maxed out would only add another 92,000 Baht  = total I have right now   172,000 Baht.    Didn’t know how I would get the additional balance by Sunday.  In any event headed home – had lunch then called a friend of mine to see if he would go with me on Sunday.

All this time, actually starting a day before, I had watery and itchy eyes.  Since they seem to be getting worse, I stopped by Dr. Mongkol’s office to get some quick drops.   What the hell – both infected  -  told that I had to cancel the operation and get my infected eyes cleared up first – antibiotics, drops and salve – should be fully gone in a week.   Went home, called the hospital and cancelled, called my friend and told him the story .   Siriraj said they will call me when they can reschedule in July or Aug.   At least I now have the time to gather the needed funds – and maybe by that time my blood pressure will have been steady long enough so it wouldn’t be needed – wishful thinking probably.  Beginning to look like I really need the operation to do it right.   Sooner or latter I’ll get through this – I hope.

As always I’ll keep you posted.