Wonderment & Questions

Sawadee Khrap

For years and years I have been looking up and never seeing what was actually there. 11 My vision has been clouded by industrial lighting all around the globe.

This morning my Windows Wallpaper photo above  set me back – I haven’t seen anything like this since I was a kid visiting my grandfather’s farm in rural Nebraska  – lying on my back gazing into the night sky.    That’s over 70 years ago – I HAVE BEEN BLINDED MOST OF MY LIFE by the obscuring light of the ego’s dream  world.   I haven’t  looked at the cosmos or the world with ‘non-judgmental’ clarity and  I’ve almost completely stopped asking  ‘What does this mean?   like  I used to as a child.

Now the section from my last post “The Lifting of the veil”  has even more meaning. Not only looking on each others innocence but the innocence of God’s Creation as a whole.  God’s LOVE  shining through all things.  Truly, even in this dream, there is beauty to behold.

Merry Christmas        God Bless