Extremism–it’s everywhere

Sawadee Khrap


The Gospel of Intolerance

Extremism is everywhere, all religions and faiths, – exclude’ism – divide and conquer – If God is everywhere, in everything, then nothing can be separate. Nothing can without God – COMPLETE

To exclude anyone is to exclude all – Jesus taught – forgiveness is the path to salvation — condemnation or exclusion is the path to damnation, Life in a God ‘less world.  God is not for some to the exclusion of others – if God is ONE then we all are one in God.

Christians, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, all of them – some Sects teach hate, exclusion, separation, favoritism, all denying the Complete God. THE ONE, THE ALL INCLUSIVE - 

“Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

Thanks Kevin for pointing this out.