Alcazar – Pattaya 2012

Sawadee Khrap

Went to see Alcazar Cabaret show last night – 600 Baht  2 hour show.  _MG_1994The place was packed but Dana managed to get us great seats exactly in the middle of the audience.  I sat on the row end so had a great view point.  Here is a

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NOTE:      But I do have to tell you that I believe the “Venue” in Jontiem Complex is a much better money value.  This show was a hour long and had a huge stage and many performers – yet the Venue with a stage 1/6th the size and half the dancers puts on a two-hour show every night – changing every week and it will only set you back the price of a drink – water  120 Baht.     To me that’s a much better buy and the performances are just as professional.

But don’t get me wrong,  I also think you should go to see the Alcazar show too – just for the splendor and shear size and color, lighting and sound  -  truly amazing.