Flowers at Bhubing Palace

Sawadee Khrap

BhubingPalaceFlowersJust got back from a short trip to Bhubing Palace – just up the next mountain Doi Buak Ha, next to Doi Suthep.  About 20 Km from our house. 

This is the Royal family’s winter residence while they are in Chiang Mai. First built in 1961 and then enlarged to present size, it has homes for State visitors and each of the Royals.


Nu went to get some footage  (video) so he could use it for backgrounds and to use as a learning tool.  I got some good shots that I can turn into some great title and other backgrounds.  I love this shot of a gold sign with a great reflection – so I just put it here – the rest are shots of flowers – the palace is in full bloom now.


Please enjoy the

 ——– SlideShow ——-

Each year since I have been here I have made trips to the palace and have a good collection of shots – I will try to make a slide show or video using photos from each time and show what the place looks like – maybe a video walk through. 

 The “Celestial Waters” reservoir has a magnificent water fountain display – especially at night – I’ll try to get this done soon but I can make no promisses – after all I am retired –

Here’s the brochure they give for your visit – we did a walk through – about 2–3 hr to see it all.  They also have golf carts available at 300 Baht (with driver/guide) that’s about $10 US – but I needed the exercise.

It’s for sure don’t miss seeing the Palace – full day trip – morning visit the Palace and then in the afternoon stop by Wat Doi Suthep on the way back.  Amazing !!!