Medical Update

Sawadee Khrap

Today is amazing – woke with blood pressure at 136/73, clear headed, sore throat gone, cough almost gone, voice strength returning, shakes/nerve twitching greatly reduced, and seem to have my appetite back.  I just changed from the BP medication from Omersartan to Valsartan.

For the past 8 months I have been taking 2 TBs ground flaxseeds mixed with applesauce daily to increase the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio in my diet to help clear out the arteries.   About a week ago I discovered that the BP readings between both arms had almost equalized, possibly indicating that the arteries were clearing.   I was also  taking Omersartan to control the BP , and it seemed to be working, except the side effects were getting worse and the control was lessening.   Two days ago I switched the BP medication to Valsartan, a less potent version of the ‘Sartan’ family of drugs,   WOW !!

I am extremely confident that including Flaxseed into my diet has given me that success – for most of my life I was heavy in a Omega 6 fatty acid diet.   Animal vs plant diet,  resulting in blocked arteries and my need for stents.   I had tried using Valsartan before but the blockage was too far along and too much of the drug was needed for control – so the need for a stronger version – Omersartan.    BUT, the flaxseed seems to be working and is now allowing me to use the best BP med for less possible damage to the kidneys.

Great news and looking forward seeing it continue.  Healing, is always possible but it’s the SPIRTUAL healing that is required first and the body’s healing will follow. I am trying to use my blog to document my experience here.  FORGIVENESS is the key.

God bless    Christ Bless   I Bless


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  1. I hope you are well Frank and in good spirts .I am in lockdown in dumaguete philippines .I was due to leave 4 th may but still no sea or air .So now i have decided to stay longer .Not safe to travel .AS regards to blood pressure i am eating garlic and onions and bananas on a empty stomach .I have notice the improvement in my bp now under control .Have you experience heavy legs i think it is down to poor blood circulation .I am doing exercise hanging my legs from the wall for 30 minutes.I speak to pat now and again and he gives me the news on you and gerry and don .I speak occaionally to mike lucia .Miss Ted and you guys .We had some good time in jomtien.I even miss YO .

    1. Hi Degs Glad to hear your well too. check out Flaxseed – really did a good job for me and now part of my diet. Hoping the lockdowns will be over soon and life can get back to something normal. Take care, stay well

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