Songkran – Saturday

Sawadee Pi Mai

Here are some shots from the top of “Huay Kaew Road Central” shopping center down the street from us – just up from the moat.  There were 4 dancing stages, each with their own bands playing within the same block – here is the one in front of Central itself – If you look closely you can also see the stage up and on the other side of the street – in the upper left, below the “MK” sign. There was also another at the Orchid Hotel.



And then we ventured into the streets – These are shots from Jerry’s car – windows up naturally, or we would have been really soaked, going down the moat street at Chang Puak Gate. Figuring that each side of the moat surrounding the Old City area of Chiang Mai is about 1.3 miles – that means just here alone there is a gauntlet of almost 5 miles of people on both sides of the street throwing water on all passers by – especially those on motorcycles – and almost any one who had one was riding there – It’s not Songkran unless your soaking wet. ————



Tomorrow I am going to get some video with sound to post – I’ll be at the Central area and then in the shopping center – great eye candy, wet shirts, pants – really brings out the great figures.        Warm day – cold water – lots of fun       Stay tuned !!!! !