The Opening Show-one Seven Club

Sawadee Khrap

Pad and Bird sent me some shots of the Opening Show on the 17th – I thought you would like to see some of the boys – I think these are the dancers and Lanna fashion show – not sure if they will be there when you visit – but I am sure there will be some great looking young men when you do – I plan on visiting next week sometime and will let you know what I find – anyway here they are:








IMG_0530r IMG_0538r







IMG_0606r IMG_0609r IMG_0613r IMG_0616r






IMG_0619r IMG_0621r IMG_0623r IMG_0625 IMG_0629r






IMG_0632r IMG_0636r IMG_0643r IMG_0645r IMG_0709r





Well that was just the show – imagine what will be there during normal business hours and I am told special student pricing – WOW

See you there: !!!


club one seven

Sawadee Khrap

Just attended the Grand Opening of Club One Seven Chiang Mai and what a great setup.  Guesthouse and Spa-Gym.  wonderful for relaxing, meeting someone special, or just enjoying the special rooms and facilities.











Located on the banks of the Ping River, 1km from the city center, is one of Chiang Mai’s hidden secrets. This 130 year old, Thai Teak Wood Guesthouse, newly refurbished, is off the usual tourist track, and is ideally positioned as a refuge and a base from which to discover the riches of Northern Thailand.

“Bird”  of Bird’s Asian Tours  is the manager – and guess who is working on the front desk – Tasanai.   Haven’t seen him since we split up in 2007  – it was really a surprise to see him there.

Check it out is you get a chance;


better un-cut

Sawadee Khrap






I haven’t really mentioned this in the blog before but I guess now is the time.  Jerry sent me this graphic – reminds me when I was in San Francisco and was a member of NoCirc – not as a flag waver but to restore.  It took me about 1 1/2 years to get some resemblance to normal.  And I am very glad I did – not the original but I sure feel more natural, comfortable, and have gained more sensation.

If you are interested in more information, “restoring”  or joining the cause here are some excellent sites:

    NoCirc  Org
    Circumcision Org
    Students for Genital Integrity Org


Near Chiang Rai

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from a short trip to Chiang Rai – stopped to get something to eat at Charin Garden Resort at Mae Suai and this little fella ( about 12 inches long) – err I think fella – was eating ants next to me.  Apparently it liked to pose so I got these shots:




Colorful  isn’t he  – I also got some great shots of rice planting and I will post them with the full story about planting rice shortly.


Cambodia Out and Richard’s pub-Bkk

Sawadee Khrap


Planning a trip to Cambodia


in any event check Cambodia Out.


A great site to check up on the happenings of the GLBT community and plan your trip to include all the must visit venues.



Thanks Jim  (webmaster at Cambodia Out) for your nice comments about my blog – glad you enjoy it.   

Jim is also the owner of  @Richard’s Pub  & Restaurant in Bangkok.  Make sure you stop by and say hello here too.


Jonas 4 hands – 6 hands piano concert

Sawadee Khrap

If your in Chiang Mai this month [ July ] be sure and catch the piano concerts at  CRK Auditorium, Payap University, (opposite McCormick Hospital)  15-17, 21-28  7 PM



Tickets at the door

"Thirty Belgian Fingers meet in Chiang Mai"

A program with music for piano solo, for 4 hands and for 6 hands

This interesting series is organized by Chiang Mai resident Jonas Dept

Maybe see you there.


when it rains it pours

Sawadee Khrap

This week started out with little or no rain in the actual forecast for Chiang Mai –

but my water bills were climbing each month, and I wasn’t watering the lawn or using a lot of water – checked out the system and found the underground pipe from the water main was leaking and getting worse each day – called the contractor – and great  – he installed a bypass and stopped the problem – cost 600 Baht  $20 —

Such a savings  – I decided that it was time to install a A/C unit in the photo studio – too damn hot this summer to take any shots – I’m sweating, the models sweat – not good.  Found a used unit for 5000 Baht and had it installed – working fine so I can start inviting models to the studio now – lets see what happens.

Went upstairs to the computer and find the little monitor has stopped working – just spent the money for the A/C – NOW I have to get a new monitor – Damn – could have waited on the A/C – cannot wait on the monitor – there goes my extra spending money.

Gon’a be a tight month – but I should be able to start shooting again and have more photos to post – hope so.

Pea-Monk3So this is Saturday – tomorrow July 4th celebration, going to party and if I’m lucky will have some images to show you – rain expected – weather cooler – wallet lighter – future hopeful.

Ohhh Ya  I did go see Pea – I’ll write the whole story in a future post:  Orange and Green  very striking – that’s new rice shoots