Another Earthquake

Sawadee Khrap

It’s 5:50 AM on Tuesday morning Chiang Mai time and we just had another earthquake.  Amazing I have felt more earthquakes here than I ever did in San Francisco.  This one was not severe, just a rocking  – I am setting in a chair with wheels at the computer and it started to move or rock and the pull string on the ceiling fan was moving too – so I know I was not daydreaming.  I will check the weather map to see where it was located.

UPDATE- 5.7 Myanmar (Burma) report — the posted time is not correct as I wanted to get it online for the States so I posted it early – it’s 6 AM Tuesday here in Thailand right now – sorry

Getting ready to go back again to Wat Montien, I have copies of the images to took of the Temple and Van – I thought I’d give him copies of the shots so he could send them home if he liked.

Last night I went to my first “Monk Chat”.  This is a program at Mahahachulalongkorn Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus which is located next to Wat Suan Dok, where novice Monks studying English get a chance to meet and practice speaking and the lay people (farangs mostly) get a chance to hear about Buddhist life.   It’s a neat one-on-one chance to get questions answered by studying monks. 

 I met a Senior Monk – Phara Saneh Dhammavaro – who is the Director of Academic Affairs at the facility.  We spoke for a while (we didn’t have a lot of time because it is the beginning of Buddhist Lent and all the monks had to be in prayer service before sundown and it was about 6:30 then)  He presented me with a autographed copy of his book “BUDDHISM – Ethics and the Path to Peace”.

I have volunteered to help with a project he has attending to the needs of the poor, alien tribal people in and about the Fang, Mai Ai area — the same area we were at last week where I photographed the boys swimming in the road side pool and the mountain villages.  I will go with him next Sunday to see what his full project is and if I can help in any way using my photography.  I mentioned that the HillSide4 Condo  has a yearly benefit dinner party to raise moneys for local causes and that with a good presentation his project could be eligible for funding next year.  See the posts on “School for Life”

Wednesday I will go to Wat Suan Dok again and will post more shots.