Wow, Songkran is over – Boston, West

Sawadee Khrap

What a couple of weeks,

Songkran is over last night – a week of mayhem – what a blessing – I can go outside now and continue normal life.  I just spent a week inside and it feels good to be able to go outside and do my daily walk to the beach.  Sorry  I didn’t get any photos, but there are many on the web.  I’m just not one for water throwing events.

Boston – they captured or killed the bombers – so the 4 day manhunt is over for the Boston Marathon Day bombing.  I was watching the action on FOX TV during the whole chase – excellent coverage – BUT as always – after everything is over – the major Fox commentators  (don’t’ need to mention their names) came on with the usual dribble.  Their comments are just as far off as that of the bombers reasoning – radicals exist on both sides – some just talk about it and incite by words  – others physically act out their problems.  I truly pray that both sides learn the true value of forgiveness.

West, Texas -  what an explosion – tragedy, many injured and died – all our prayers need to be for the citizens of West.

It’s been a long time since my last post and I will try to make up for the lack of posts.  I do have a couple of guys lined up for new photos and I am also exploring trying new techniques such as the Droste effect – this should be interesting, I hope I can make some exciting images and post them for you.

Thanks    also Please help us help Chaa Nay Choo in his hour of need.