Will this ever be completed ?

Sawadee Khrap

Last week I was waiting to hear from a heart doctor in Chiang Mai and got the news that it would still be better to have it done in BKK – Damn back to where I started – He said he doesn’t understand why the high pricing now in CM but expects it is just because they can – “tourist trade” is catching on all over Thailand  –  local Thai’s would have to wait at the local Gov’t hospitals and he thinks that BKK would be as good and I would not have the plane and hotel fees to pay on top of the operation – So off to BKK I went.

First to King Chulalongkorn Hospital – took the bus from Pattaya to BKK (2hr  124 Baht) then a taxi to Chula – (1/2 hr  200 Baht)  not bad, got there about 11 – what a zoo – there must have been over 1000 people there – got in line and was at the information desk in 1/2 hr.  Lady there told me to comeback at 6:30 AM next day so I could  be in the front of the daily queue  – so I stayed over night and went in the morning.   Back in line  #58, going well, everyone told me that my Thai Drivers License would be sufficient – for the next 2 hrs stood in 3 lines and finally got to the photo taking one – there I almost passed out because of the heat and was told that I couldn’t go any further because I needed to have my Passport, -  DL won’t do.  Shit   Went home and would start again.   That evening I talked to a doctor at a hospital in Sir Racha – his hospital charges the same as BKK but he suggested that I go check out the other big Gov’t Hospital Siriraj in BKK -  better service , better staff and less patients.

So Wednesday I headed to Siriraj Hospital – left Pattaya by bus and taxi – didn’t want to be last in line so I left at 4 AM got there at 8AM — He was right  – started in line and was helped with everything by a “very cute” intern pre-med student – he walked me through the entire procedure and by 10:30 had my appointment with a cardiologist set – 6PM Friday.  Finally, would talk to a doctor and get pricing, schedules and exactly what would be needed. —-  what a relief.    The doctor in Sir Racha was right – about 1/2 the number of patients, – excellent friendly staff,  -pre-med students support, – pricing I am told same a Chula -  Tomorrow afternoon I will go again to Siriraj.     More news as it happens.

When this is over I will have gained a complete comprehensive view and education on getting medical care in Thailand – that is Gov’t Hospital care at reasonable pricing.  I’ll post my findings here for your benefit.