My photos–Google Earth

Sawadee Khrap

photos in ThailandWOW – Thanks to Lightroom’s Map capabilities coupled with Google Earth you can see where I have taken photos so far  – this only represents the ones that I have GPS location info – My cameras have not been able to record the GPS data coordinates – but for the last 5 years using my phone’s GPS and “tracking” system  I’ve synchronize and documented most of them.   As you can see I haven’t been to Laos, Cambodia or Burma so far  – but I want to plan visits and photograph there before I run into another health crisis like last year.   So many things still to do – retirement isn’t slow or boring.   And this is just the photos  – not the BOYS.     DevilDevilDevil       Of course the boy’s photos and Photoshop images are just from Chiang Mai and Pattaya and are not included in this map – these are only travel images.

P.S.  That may be a while – just had to pay 10,000 Baht to get the 7D fixed – new motherboard I’m told – pick up next week.  So far I’ve spent 20,000 in repairs for that camera – pricy.