River Barrow Carlow Bridge, Ireland

Sawadee Khrap

Pat, I hope you like this version of your image of the bridge.  Full size  30 x 20 inch canvas – digital acrylic oil painting. Quite a challenge, the trees on the left and branches on the right sides really became a learning lesson on brushes and blending – showing shadow and  effect in a painterly way – learned a lot of new techniques – thanks for the excellent example to use as a learning image.


July 27th  Update – Studying the above painting I think it is un-balanced being too heavy on the right side and should have the left and right sides cropped to make it more balanced – I suppose this could also be done by wrapping the canvas around a smaller frame to achieve the same results.   Below is a cropped version of the painting showing this change  – what do you think.CarlowBridge-web2  Of course the border makes this difficult.