No condom, massage then concert

Need to explain this, Today we went to shoot the “Fancy Condom Contest” at the Shopping Center – A Pride Event – but could not find it – walked throughout the Center  – no where to be found.  The Information desk says it’s being held on the 5th floor, the announcement says the 3rd floor – we didn’t find it on any floor.  Bummer !!!

So we headed out and settled for a massage ;  Damn there goes our budget.

Afterwards, we went to a great small restaurant at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir – a local lake – for a quick dinner and relaxing time

before we went to the Payap University Campus close to our house

for a Musical Concert by the students.  “Jazz in the Park”    Every Sunday they have a performance (for practice in front of a live audience) – wonderful — and free, what could be better?








Check out the       —— SlideShow ——-


That’s Nu with the video camera and friends Jim, Paul and “O” in front of him.  Paul and O run a local Dining Out Group which we will also join in the near future – but that’s another post.


First we listened to “A.J’s Jazz Group – wow – very, very good – (sounded like when I used to go to Larry Blake’s Rathskeler in Berkeley – Hope I got it spelled right – Let’s see, that was about 1958 or 9, I think)  Wow – I used to really like Jazz then and these guys were just as professional –


Next it was the Payap University Jazz Big Band – “Duriyasilp”

Again a great performance – wonderful musicians and great looking boys too – what a great combination.  The SlideShow has many closeups and Nu is going to make a DVD, so I will try to put up some snipits in the blog so you can hear how great they really were. 

I wonder how many are gay?