Adams Apple Photo examples

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_4967-Edit Well, I now have the studio and lighting working so I am starting to take more shoots.  I had some of the boys and girls from Adam’s Apple Club over and got some good images.  So I just put all the images I have together and made this slideshow.  Also gave me a chance to try out some new Photoshop techniques.  Also trying out a new Slideshow Template —   Hope you enjoy.

*********  Slideshow   ********* 


I’m a Broccoli

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a good one Brian sent me – I tried to find the author and looked it up on Google only to find it’s been posted almost everywhere – but not a clue as to “Montt” is.



70 – I finally got to see 70

Sawadee Khrap

Well I finally got to 70 – Sept 16th and had a great birthday party with many friends in Chiang Mai – we planned this for several months and it went off without a hitch. (Thanks to Todd & Pia and Guy). 


Adam’s Apple Club was the venue and what a show – First – for eats – Lamb chops, BBQ chicken, Salmon wrapped Asparagus, and a dipping vegetable plate. and if that didn’t get you smiling:

THEN THE SHOW – we started with several of my favorite songs by the International singer and local artist  Ong-Ard Kanchaisak  (what a voice) and then we were treated to several go-go boy acts – below are some shots of the ones I can post here – nude shots were not taken and that means MOST of the show I cannot show you photos of, but use your imagination and I am sure you will be right on.  They were great, erotic and very, very sexy.  And for the final -  the Adam’s Apple Girls Cabaret  – WOW what an evening – Here are some shots and a short slideshow of the evening:

_MG_4603  _MG_4610

****** SLIDESHOW  (CLICK HERE) ******

I want to thank all who attended and especially Todd, Pia and Guy from Adam’s – Todd and Pia did the cooking and Guy coordinated the show – what a wonderful job – not one complaint, everyone was happy – that’s hard to do with a house full of Farangs.

(SPECIAL NOTE    If you are planning a party – need go-go boys or not – be sure and talk to Todd before you set your venue – I am sure you will be happy with the outcome Adam’s Apple Club can offer.      Sound, Sight and Stage – they can supply it all. )

Thanks everyone


Everybody wants us – you’ll come

Sawadee Khrap

Wow gays are really coming up the social list and being invited to all venues.  This is the latest posting in the web site.


But note the last paragraph”

“That’s what we’re charged with at the convention and visitors bureau; to drive people to this area,” Bagnell said.

“We’re a welcoming destination,” Bagnell said. “We are welcoming to all.”

“Our goal is to promote the Richmond region as a welcoming destination, whether you’re coming for a family with your kids from the Washington, D.C., area or whether you’re bringing your family reunion, or whether you have a religious conference,” Carnam said. “We’re one of the top destinations for religious organizations who come here and use our convention center.”

I wonder what the Religious Groups think about this combination.


Saffron peace Walk for Burma – sept. 21th

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a great photo opt in Chiang Mai:   Sept 21th  & 23rd

“Good Morning Dear Library Members and Supporters!

The Best Friend Library in Chiang Mai next event – our large gathering/peaceful protest in Chiang Mai will take place on Tuesday 21 September. We will be meeting at Wat Suan Dok Temple at 9 a.m., then led by Burmese monks down Suthep Road and around the moat until we reach Thapae Gate. There we will have a rally with speeches and displays to call for Peace In Burma Now and to express our opposition to the 2010 elections. This event has the potential to be the largest and most visible event in Northern Thailand prior to the elections, so it is very important that as many monks and people as possible join with us. All Burma-related NGOs and organizations are strongly encouraged to join us! Please help to spread the information!

Finally, in recognition of the 3-year anniversary of the Saffron Revolution, we will be screening two documentaries on Thursday 23 September at Alliance Francaise at 138 Charoen Prathet Road in Chiang Mai. The first film will be "Inside Burma: Land of Fear" (56 minutes), which provides an introduction to the situation in Burma under the military regime, followed by "In The Middle of the Bridge: Burmese Monks in Foreign Lands" (60 minutes), which follows the story of several monks after they are forced to flee to other countries following their involvement in the Saffron Revolution. The first film has Thai subtitles. The films will be followed by a discussion with several Burmese monks.”

I am going to try and be there and get photo to post.


where did my money go

Sawadee Khrap

With the high value of the Baht and the decline of the Dollar – I am feeling the pinch, tightening my belt and staying home more.  Thank God for DVD movies and plenty of friends who love to watch them.

BBK-News-Soaring Baht

Thailand – I hope will try to slow down the climb – it is hurting their exports – Damn, when I came here it was 40 Baht/Dollar – NOW  almost 30 Baht/Dollar

Getting hard to survive.



Hey Obama – get your shit together and stop the decline. 

Vote out the self-serving bloodsuckers and vote in Representatives and Senators who want to build a strong America and get our Dollar back in line –


fang lagoon home stay – revisited

Sawadee Khrap

WOW EXCELLENT, (especially the food) – That sums up my stay at Fang Lagoon -  Khun May, Kla, Aew, and Emy  were wonderful. _MG_3057







I opted for the overnighter package – 3,500 Baht ($100) which included 2 massages, full time escort, four meals (check in lunch, evening dinner, breakfast, check out lunch) and private hut for sleeping.

These guys were great – I was pampered, pampered and PAMPERED.   After the each massage, I was given an outdoor Roman Style bath to remove the oil – lovely – I got a quick shot of them after they finished my shower – what a way to end a massage.

_MG_3116_MG_3069 _MG_3094







But then there is my favorite – FOOD – I have never tasted Thai food as good as what was served here – for example – dinner included:












Tom Ka Kai soup – a blend of galangal, lemongrass, ginger, chicken, banana hearts and other spices in a coconut broth. – Amazing – every item was harvested that afternoon to make the dish – fresh, fresh, fresh – and so tasteful – All the herbs melted in your mouth and everything was editable – everything – even the galangal – which has always been like wood and un-editable – it has a wonderful taste.  Khun Emy is a excellent cook – Wow again – I will be back.

As I said almost all items are grown on the farm – coffee, fruits, herbs, and they also produce their own coconut oil for the massage.









Here the the oil is separating from the milk.

You have to make reservations and try at least a overnighter –


And the country side is so relaxing – farming country – quite evenings – wake to the distant crow of a rooster. Only to be pampered again by your devoted escort. – Just imagine a 3 day stay – tour of the area and local National Park – check out the pricing – you’ll love it.