Pain-Joy both show lack

Sawadee Khrap

Today at my tea time I was watching the people go by and meditating on what is “joy”.   

I realized that I had been usually judging “joy” from a “lack” perspective.  I was defining being joyful as obtaining something that I had lacked and now it was mine.  So both joy and pain demonstrated that I was lacking, incomplete or not whole.   And what is that except the ego’s entire premise – that  I am separated from “Life itself”, subject to death, alone and helpless.

BUT,  remembering that  “I am as God created me”, complete and therefore joy “itself”.    True joy was not a euphoric feeling that I had just gained something but rather that God’s Peace was always present within me.   That  “BEING”  “One” with God and Christ and all my brothers – I had everything ,  lacking nothing.  That this world of opposites was just a state of mind, a nightmare or dream.   That to see this world free was My Freedom too.  Or as Buddha also put it, release all attachments (judgements) ,  ultimately to “self” to eliminate suffering and obtain ONENESS or Enlightenment.

Good cup of tea.!!!    

God Blesses      Christ Blesses        I Bless