Photoshop filters – Mood changers

Sawadee Khrap

I am always amazed at the power of  Photoshop filters to change the mood of any photo.  By changing the hues or adding textures enormous mood swings can be accomplished.  MG_8257-CraquelureMG_8257-LUT-Candlelight-EditVictor commented on the great site – Stonehenge – in Nong Nooch post.  I am going back to get more shots, early and late in the day which will add directed lighting for enhanced shadows and definition.  MG_8257-LUT-FoggyNight-EditMG_8257-LUT-DvLink-RBY-EditYet here is just a couple of Photoshop filters on a shot I took in almost midday – what a impact.  1. Craquelure, 2.-LUT-Candlelight, 3. LUT-Foggynight, and 4. LUT-DvLinkRBY.  by merely adding specialized filters.

Of course, having a erotic, sexy young man as a model in the shot can only add to the excitement.  So on to bigger and better things.