FireFox add-ons

Sawadee Khrap

I have been using Mozilla FireFox for some time now – compared to Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is a sure winner.  Here are several Add-ons I really like:

  • ColorfulTabs – tabs across the top are each in their own color – neat
  • MeasureIt – Draw out a ruler for height & width of any element on screen
  • SwitchProxy – manage several proxy tool
  • VideoDownLoader – Down-loads videos from YouTube, Google, – – – –


  • NoScript – Control over Java, JavaScript, and other plugins –

And NoScript is the best of the bunch – It has really blocked some ugly attempts to reek havoc on my machine – and the latest version is really improved –

If you use FireFox – check them out – really nice.





Life in Fang

Sawadee Khrap

Last weekend Tasanai went to Fang for a Spirit Ceremony project.  Here are some shots from that trip – First the Fang valley and dancing at the City Pillar.

FangValley      Dance-FangPillar





 And some Temple shots in the area.  We are planning on a trip there soon and will plan on visiting each and getting more descriptive shots.  Tasanai had a project to do and so had limited time to really capture the splender of the Fang Province. 

Here are some snaps of the many temples in the surrounding area.

TempleNearFang TonRungTemple






And he caught a peaceful monk sleeping at To Rung Temple.


Fang has many caves – Tab Tao Cave has been used as a temple for over 1000 years – 

TabTaoCave TabTaoCave2

Something catch your eye – let us know and we try to get more detailed shots on our next trip.  We plan on making it a mini-vacation too – staying overnight and enjoying the relaxed country life. 


Busy, Busy, Busy

Sawadee Khrap

At least Tasanai is, his business is really growing – Went to Fang to do a 2 day shooting for the Spirit transfer to Lampang and last night he got a call to do a 1 day shoot in Lampang on Sunday.  So he’ll go from Fang to Lampang and not get home till Sunday night.

I just spent the whole day looking for video tutorials for Sony Vegas.  Got some nice ones and learned some very nice new tricks – I’ll show them to Tas and see what he can use.  Should make his videos really unique.

Just heard a very loud thunder clap – the storm is getting closer now  – mild rain most of the early afternoon, but the black clouds are coming in now – so I have to cut this short while I still have power to post.  




Virus – almost got me

Sawadee Khrap

Had a friend come over last night and brought some photos on a small USB mini-drive and card-reader.  Plugged it in and immediatly BOClean detected a virus (trojan) trying to install itself in the system – stopped it cold and offered to put it in a virus vault (it could not heal it – it was a self-contained DLL and so could not be healed).  I went on to examine the photos without problems and then did a complete deep scan of all drives and system – no infection.  Great little FREE program, save my ass.   THANKS BOCean.

Revo_boxI also was told of a neat little program to run  – The Revo Uninstaller  This is a great program, much better than the Add/Remove Programs that comes with Windows – and it’s FREE too.

  • Revo Uninstaller is completely free – no charge, no adware, no spyware;
  • You can uninstall your application easily and correctly;
  • You can view all details of a certain application installed on your computer;
  • You can use an innovative “Hunter mode” to uninstall, kill and delete applications;
  • You can use a “Drag and Drop” mode to uninstall, kill and delete applications;
  • You can view and manage applications loaded when Windows startup;
  • You can clean any junk, temporary and unnecessary files from your drives;
  • You can have fast access to the most useful Windows build-in tools;
  • You can erase all your history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape browsers;
  • You can erase recent document history in Microsoft Office products since version 2000;
  • You can erase most important traces you had left while you had been working with Windows;
  • You can permanently delete all your already deleted files so they become unrecoverable by any software;
  • You can securely delete any existing file or folder so it become unrecoverable by any software

Neat Uhhhhh  —– get your copy.

Try them out –

Mae Ngad Dam

Sawadee Khrap

Sometime back I posted about my trip with a couple of friends to the dam and about the beautiful waterfall at Bua Tong.   Here’s a article from CityLife about the place too.

We didn’t get a lot of photos at that time – I will the next time we go and make it more informative.

Tasanai just left for Fang, a small Northern subdistrict of Chiang Mai Province, to video record a ceremony to bring an ancestor spirit from a old Lanna momument to Lampang – We are not sure exactly how it will go but I will post some shots when he gets back in a couple of days.

I’m off for a massage – catch you later


Expats Club

Sawadee Khrap

WOW!!!  it’s been a week since I posted – my how time flys and I don’t remember getting a lot done.

Went to my first Expat Club meeting yesterday and signed up – great meeting, about 80 people there and the guest speaker was the lady who runs the American Consulate here in Chiang Mai.  Very interesting.  Met the guys who coordinators for a computer and photography group – I will start going to these and see if I can make new friends with a common interest. 

We, Tas and I, are really starting to expand our knowledge in Photoshop and Sony Vegas for DVD’s.  The last several months were spent in trying to learn the basics and now I think we can start to put this knowledge to work.  And I meet several people at the Expats meeting that sell their photos and artwork  – hopefully I can get some hints from them too.

Tas just went off to school – he started a catch up class to bring him where he can start going to University and complete his schooling – just to make sure he has something to fall back on.  But I believe that when the family and he learn how to run their own businesses, they will be secure in the future.

BOClean_bzI’m trying out some new software – BOClean – anti-malware, anti-trojan program that has been touted as a great one – loaded OK and seems to work but hasn’t caught any unwanted action so far.

I guess only time will tell.  I now run ZoneAlarm Firewall Suite, and AVG anti-virus software  – systems been clean so far– Knock on wood.   If you’d like to check your system try Shields Up     AND OF COURSE THEY ALL OFFER A FREE VERSION.


I have also been asking for comments and thought I post the resutls – so far there has been 47 real comments and 1311 spam (which were deleted) comments caught by the program – great spam protection – but I still want to get YOUR comments.


Check in time

Sawadee Khrap

Just checking in – it’s been a while since I posted.

Thai politics are going as normal – possibility for a great government is there, I hope they get it accomplished.  Even Chiang Mai is setting up programs to fight corruption – this is from Chiangmai Mail.   I just hope they don’t do too good of a job and cause the rest of the world to want to live here.   It’s getting crowded already and prices are climbing – lets put a cap on inflation –

I now know what they always were worried about having a fixed income —– Thank God, Tasanai, can bring in the extra money we need now to compensate for the lost value in the dollar, ( that hurts )  and help defray the cost of our trips.

Tasanai has started school, we are setting up his younger brother to continue school, and we are teaching his family how to increase their income using the computer and printer we gave them.  Better to show them how than to give money.  I know they will do well and probably have more than they ever expected or thought they could do.

I am starting a ACIM Sunday meeting and I also plan on joining the local Expats Club – they have interest groups such as computers, photography. 

Sooooooooooooooooo   that’s about it for now – pictures later (got some great things for photoshop)