Poy Sang Long Images

Sawadee Khrap

Here are some shots from the Chiang Mai Wat Papao Festival on April 5th.








First the Temple (Wat)  This is a very old Burmese Temple and local police are not allowed in the temple grounds – they police the area themselves – that can be scary, especially after they have been drinking all day and then celebrating at night. Lot of fights here – but during the day they are friendly but we did not see a lot of smiles, I was the only Farang in the complex.


The temple area is very large and sets back from the main road  – you don’t realize the size until you enter the complex – it also has a little market with vendor/food stalls. Almost like a little Burmese city.

At this festival every family with a son about 10 y/o or so will spend all their money to dress their sons in royal princess clothes and carry them through the streets to the temple for presentation to the Abbot for monk-hood.  Here are some images starting from Thapae Gate and the procession leading to the Temple:

























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