Is THIS world real?

Sawadee Khrap

Just finished watching a great debate between a Christian and Islamic.  Both defend their particular points but both defend the “Law” and this world, be it Mosaic law or Sharia Law.  Both admit that Jesus talked about “His kingdom being NOT of this world” and both respect His teachings but both continue to defend the LAW and the Prophets.

Consider this against what Jesus taught – He came to “fulfill” the law (as it existed) and not to abolish it – and to show THIS world of separation and death held NO value, no matter what set of laws it tried to follow.   He did NOT come to establish a new law or to proclaim that another prophet would.  He clearly came to prove that SALVATION is of the MIND and not the Law,  body or anything in this material world.   This was entirely lost in the debate by both defenders of their faith. 

What profit a man to gain the whole world – under what ever law there is currently in vogue, and lose one’s SOUL or MIND.

God Bless     Ciao