Little Mango – Ton’s Birthday

Sawadee Khrap

Went to dinner with Jerry at Ken’s Little Mango Restaurant last night_MG_0536.  Below is Ken (owner-middle), Potter (his brother-right), Bell (staff team-left)   Great food, service and staff.  _MG_0533Just up from Sunee Plaza area on Soi VC.  If your in the area make sure you stop by and say hello to Ken and his guys and have a delicious meal before heading to Sunee or Boyztown for the evening.  I think, with out a doubt, the best restaurant in the area.

_MG_0538Speaking of Sunee, the Sawadee has closed down _MG_0540and has been replaced with a beer bar/pool place – and I also captured a great shot of a couple of the boys waiting for your arrival .

  Next we headed to check out Ton’s Birthday party at La Dolce Vita in Jontiem Complex.

_MG_0541_MG_0545They had a 3 piece Isan band and a attracted a huge attendance – food, music, and birthday cake  -       HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ton !  

I had a terrible headache all day ( I think from my glasses) and just couldn’t stay out anymore  – so had to call it quits.



Trip to Ban Phe, Rayong – Koh Samet ferry

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_0464-EditDon and I took what we thought to be a small excursion to Rayong and then to Ban Phe – but it turned into a full day/night adventure. First the photo of the Ban Phe ferry station to Koh Samet and the adjoining Aquarium._MG_0432-Edit   The beach areas around here are really beautiful – a real secret and great place to swim and relax.  Excellent accommodations are available, ranging from the huge VIP Cond to smaller and cheaper spots from 350+Baht/night_MG_0477_MG_0504.  There is a park across the street and a small bar where our adventure started when my starter on the car failed._MG_0510_MG_0494   We were very fortunate to have made it this far and not broken down on the way, having stopped several time along the way to take photos and check out the local sights, and being automatic we could not push it to start.  This was about 4:00 PM – _MG_0530luckily, we found help – they call a tow truck, but this turned to be a major operation as they had to remove the front fiberglass bumper before they could tow it.  Home by 10:30PM  Total bill = 3,000Baht towing = 4,000 Baht repair (rebuild starter + new CVC joint in front end – might as well get it all repaired since it was in the shop)  7,000 Baht – that’s about $210 US.  Tow and repair  100+ KM    reasonable.   Next time more images  haha.


Nong Nooch Garden’s Culture Show

Sawadee Khrap

A friend, Ton,  was in Pattaya to celebrate his birthday, and as a gift I took him to Nong Nooch to see the Garden and Culture Show. We arrived about 10AM but I’d forgot about it being a Saturday and the _MG_0115place was well packed. – buses of tourist already there.  We went and got some drinks and at 10:30 went to the 10:45 Culture show, by that time the bleachers were filled and only a place high and in the back was _MG_0106available.   Oh well – next time down front.   I’m very glad I always carry the  200 mm lens on the camera – regular camera’s would take such tiny photos you would have difficulty seeing what was going on.  I did have to shoot about ISO 5000+  so there is a lot of grain in the shots but I think you_MG_0036 can still see with decent  clarity what the show was like – great show.


After this culture segment we then had to go to the elephant circus area – but being the last to leave the stage area we were also the  last to get seating at the elephant show – way in the back again  – not any decent views for photos, so I didn’t take any  – oh well – next time.    Now I know how to get around now.   Enjoy the show!


Amazing new Photographic venue

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from exploring “Art In Paradise” a 3-D art gallery designed so people can become part of the art. Amazing place and great paintings and illusions. The museum features ten galleries – the Camouflage Room, Under the Ocean Room, Wildlife Room, Classical Art Room, Civilization Room, Surrealism Room, Dinosaur Room, Waterfall Room and the Scenery Room.  Tickets are reasonable and no pushing to speed you out.

I didn’t take any time to adjust for lens distortion or perspective – just ran in, got some samples, and out.


For example – these two people (photo #2) just happened to be trying out this scene – I was on the second floor looking down so the illusion is not the same but you can get the idea – would look natural in the shot below – _MG_9543_MG_9627 What possibilities are possible, especially when I can combine Photoshop to replace the models with more erotic and personal poses in the studio that could not have been done at the gallery.

_MG_9497Check out their website – now I can’t wait till I can take some models and visit this museum and Nong Nooch Garden (get some shots to use for perspective) and then some studio sessions with the guys.  Two great photographic venues – I will be busy


Pattaya City Expats Club

Sawadee Khrap

Here would be the best 400 Baht membership you can get in Pattaya.pcec   The Pattaya City Expats Club.  They meet every Sunday – 11:00 AM. at the Amari “Tavern by the Sea”.    Membership only 400 Baht/yr  – member benefits 20% off many restaurants, special discounts at local hospitals, special insurance programs too.  Breakfast buffet offered first at 9:30 or so, great value at 220 Baht, and excellent, favorable, and always fresh items.  Each week new featured speaker on topics worth the trip.

They are starting a photographic group and I will probably offer to do some minor classes on Lightroom and Photoshop.  

If your in Pattaya, be sure and stop by and check out a meeting


Halloween – Continued on Nov 1st

Sawadee Khrap

Since I went to the ?-Mark and Bondi last night I thought I had missed the “Venue” Halloween show – but thankfully they also had another planned for tonight – off to the Venue  – Jontiem Complex.

_MG_8926_MG_8703_MG_8777_MG_8911_MG_8953As usual the show was excellent – you will have to pardon the graininess in the photos but this was a very dark lighted scary event and I had to shoot at 6400 iso – really pushing the camera.

Colorful, entertaining, brisk and exciting is all I can say – you should have been there.  The dancers were terrific, choreography, costumes and lighting  was excellent.   What a great show.

Here’s a ********SLIDESHOW********

     but there are about 300 photos so it is a long one.


Halloween 2012 October 31st Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Let’s see, this year’s Halloween , October 31st, started out at the “? Mark Bar – Jontiem Complex”  and was also their 9th anniversary.

_MG_8645 Degs, Ted, Mark, & Don all showed up about 7:30 and the party began: The bar was starting to fill up and the entertainment was live.


Here’s a small  *******SLIDESHOW********

I stayed till 9:00 and then went to the “Bondi Bar” on the Dongtan beach for their party and weekly  – Wednesday Bingo Night. _MG_8686

_MG_8678_MG_8691Colin (one of the owners) was dress up and so was Boy – everyone else seemed to be there for the bingo.  I stayed till 11:00 or so, far past my bed time – and didn’t even get close to a bingo.  But the party was worth it.

Here’s their  ********SLIDESHOW********