Photoshop retouch–save that photo

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a comparison of some Photoshop work – the shot in the left is the original one of a young monk taken by a friend of mine.  The background was awful and focus and slant of the subject was way off. Also see the light dot in the middle of his robe.



Quite a difference – amazing what Photoshop can do –


Wit–Super model

Sawadee Khrap

DrawingsWall-ThaiHere’s a couple of new ones – I am trying out new backgrounds and blending images – and using Wit again for the model.  He’s great and we are going to try some outdoor shots as my flash units are in for repair.  Anyway hope you like these versions using a new athletic background.  Just quick test so forgive the simplicity.


In The first shot he’s in traditional Burmese male clothes from the New Year party at Wat Ku Tao –

the second, well I think that’s obvious.