Nu’s outfit – Gay Pride Chiang Mai 2009

Sawadee Khrap

We started out in the afternoon getting ready for a great evening – Gay Pride and all – BUT  !!!!!!   I’ll post about that next  –


Here are some shots of Nu as he got ready for the event and parade.   “Thor”, Owner of “Lanna House” – rental shop, did a wonderful job of makeup and dress.  Nu wore a gold Ayutthaya (not Lanna style) style Thai dress and complemented with several purple orchids in his hairdo.

Stunning don’t you think?

I really like the simple and natural look – These are a couple of my favorites:



What do you think – 


We arrived at the event area about 4:30 ish and waited for the parade setup to be announced.  

Some people had already gathered and the event appeared to start off a great success.   Our friend “Bird” and his crew was there in full

_MG_4117_MG_4124 costume. He had prepared a balloon truck  and was getting ready for a great time too.  Of note was the number of policemen there – there had been rumors that a group would be trying to spoil the event.









Problems, problems, problems – what a disappointment – no parade, disrupted by the “Red Shirt Gang” supposedly protesting against gays – God, what a joke. 

But this was to be Nu’s day and so I do not want to dirty this post with problems.  I’ll leave you with a night shot by the Chiang Mai moat and water fountains.
















Ciao    —–     Celebrate with Pride.