Changing Chiang Mai–Pattaya too for that matter

Sawadee Khrap

Things have really changed here in Chiang Mai since I lived here 5 years ago – today I just left the shopping center and while there (2 hr. for lunch and coffee) I counted 12 Lesbian couples – Tom’s — strolling hand and hand down the aisles and less than 4 gay couples – and only a couple of obviously gay boys walking around –  a Sunday and such little eye candy.

I was also seeing less and less boys on the beach in Pattaya and I an told by a friend who was just in Sunni that it was dead there too – I think it’s due to the Internet and smartphones and the rising economic status of the area.  inflation – who would have guessed it – cost of a date rising.  Also I am finding it much more difficult in getting models  – at least nude models, who will pose just for the pictures and fun of it – now they want to be paid.  I’m on a fixed income and cannot piss it away, so to say, on models just to have images for my blog, that is apparent from lack of new postings on the blog.

Times have changed – don’t see all the gay lads working at the local restaurants and venues – school semester is almost over now and maybe the area will see a definite increase in available talent,  I am hoping so.  I have seen some beautiful boys working at some close-by restaurants  and I am working on seeing if they want to date  or better yet will they pose for me – but that’s just in the works – Gay Romeo, Grinder, Line, and other modern apps have taken the need to actually stroll for dates away – now done on smartphones – no need to leave the house. 

Most of the boys I know here now, are much older and have already settled down with a sugar daddy so to say – most have their condos and future set up.  The newer generation is preferring mates of their own age or slightly older – not the over-the-hill gang like in the past – and although the Chinese tourist have increased 10 fold I haven’t seen the younger ones looking for dates on Gay Romero  – hoping that will change too for the better.

Ahhh, just my observations – Just waiting for the rainy season to end so my neighborhood walks will produce more connections.  Exercise leads to better health and more opportunity .