Big Brother coming more alive – Skype

Sawadee Khrap

Is Big Brother flexing his arms ????    –  Since Skype was bought by Microsoft, it has made it impossible to shut off automatic upgrades – NOW, in the latest upgrade, it is configured so that you cannot shut it down after it is loaded  – just being able to minimize it to the taskbar.  (but you can go to the Task Manager and shut it down there).      What kind of shit is this.

I am also allowing Microsoft to automatically upgrade my Win 7 – now the question arises as to exactly what they are up-dating?????  It used to be bad in the past as to how they wanted to control data over the Internet but now it is becoming very apparent that they intend to really control and load what ever they want on your computer  – WHEN THEY WANT TO.

I believe I will need to shut off all automatic upgrading to make sure that programs and email addresses and such are not sent to “The Big Boy”.  That may mean changing to another phone program -  at least for the time being I am not going to load Skype until I need to make a call.

DreamHost Superior

Sawadee Khrap

DreamhostIf anyone is looking for a Internet Hosting Co.  (ISP)   then I can only recommend DreamHost.   I have been with them for over 4 years with this blog and can only report EXCELLENT service, support, and stability.  Did I mention SUPPORT – it has been nothing less than superior – they have helped me and solved every problem I have encountered running the blog and each time within 24 hours – AMAZING.

If your planning on a web-site check them out – you can’t go wrong.


disento – never travel alone

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s the best advice I could give anyone coming (or living here for that matter) to visit Thailand or any Asian Country.


Always, always carry “Disento” with you.

Very inexpensive and effective.  Eat, drink something and feel that churning, gas  and other problems starting in your stomach – grab your Disento – gone!!!!

Amazing stuff.

Wish I had this stuff years ago when I visited Mexico – Montezuma’s Revenge would have been a thing of the past – get some and try it the next time you travel or have a drink with local ice.


Chiang Mai Camera Club —

Sawadee Khrap

Had our first meeting (at least the first of the meeting I will be acting moderator) last night and small attendance but of the initial key players in the forming of the club.  Went over my plan and showed some examples of the video clips on different topics.   Great input and so the next meeting will reflect the recommended agenda changes.

A.     Every other meeting will be devoted to Photo (Theme) Night – unless there is a Speaker scheduled for that evening. There is a great need to allow members to show their photos and there should be a central theme for the photos to follow that evening. General discussion and clique of the photos will be promoted so all can learn from each others view point and knowledge of techniques and post-processing procedures.

B.     Videos or clips of tutorials will be limited to no more than 10 minutes and cover only one topic for the meeting hour– that will allow more time for discussion and hands-on demos.  There will be 2 segments: 

First hour – Camera and photo equipment.  

2nd Hour – Post processing including output to printers and Web.  i.e.  Facebook, Picasa,

(Note:  As there are many different software packages for editing photos and members will be using both PC’s and Mac’s, and we can’t cover them all. – We have chosen the most popular editing software packages that work on both Mac & PC’s

Adobe Photoshop Ext  ( editing software – layers & video )

Adobe Lightroom  ( cataloging/editing program )

for the meetings and will ONLY show videos and demos on them. But, this information should be applicable to all other editors.)

C.      The Club has a Facebook account and it will be updated to reflect the changes and make announcements for up-coming meetings – I will try to add a full page, landing-page to the site and set a group tab for communication.

This all seems like a hell of a lot of work – glad I am retired –

but will also look forward to others joining in to help.  If you have a special idea we can use – step forward and we will give you meeting time to develop and mentor it.

See you at the next meeting on Aug 23rd  Sangdee Gallery


Long Post Delay–Possible Virus

Sawadee Khrap

Haven’t posted for a while – checking the Blog for virus infection and hacking.  Went through all the checks and removed the possible entry sites so I hope the blog is uncompromised.  Seems OK, no damage done – so I’ll just keep posting.  Using new software that should catch any problems in the future and keep it up and running. (sounds like something they need to invent for old men too, haha)