Happy Thanksgiving

Sawadee Khrap

HAPPY THANKSGIVING  – I trust you are all having a great day.

Last night I went to MonkChat and took part in the first Wat Suan Dok MonkChat Radio broadcast on 106 FM for Chiang Mai, Lampoon and Lampang.  Had a great hour session with Phra Chhunny by interviewing each other on the spot, no scripts or format – went great and smooth, Chhunny is a wonderful speaker.

Wrapped that up at 6:30 and went to get something to eat – I did notice that at about 6 PM my stomach started to feel a little quiezzy, but by the time I finished the burger I bought I was in a great deal of pain, with vomiting and diarrhea.  I took some medicine I had and waited till about 9 PM to finally go to the hospital and get some stronger help.  Not sure whether is was food poisoning or bad water – in either event it sure put a damper on my Thanksgiving dinner arrangements for today – and most of all I had to cancel my weekly massage with a haircut today. Damn  – I waited all week for this pleasure.

So here I sit today, eating Cambell’s Chicken & Noodle Soup and taking antibiotics.  Feel much better and should be fully recovered tomorrow.  Have to get ready for Loy Krathong.  Charging the camera batteries now.


Wow – Have I been out of touch.

Sawadee Khrap

When I went to school and studied chemistry – there were only slightly over 98 elements in the table.  Now look at it – amazing.  118



This is a article from the Bangkok Post that caught my eye  – check it out if you have a science background – maybe you’ve kept up.


I sure as hell didn’t.  I don’t know any of the newer names.



Jataka Tales – Wat Suan Dok

Sawadee Khrap

Sorry to have taken so long to post some pictures.  Here are some shots from Wat Suan Dok as they celebrate the reading of the Jataka Tales.  The Jataka is a collection of stories of the previous Lives of the Buddha, told by the Buddha for universal application.  10 of the favorites are read throughout the day in the temple. 

This is normally done on Loy Krathong Day (Nov 24th), but because most people are at the major celebrations in the city, Wat Suan Dok celebrates it the week before.  The balloons will be released during the week and on Loy Krathong Day.  I will get more shots as the festival continues.

















Chiang Rai- Photo Club – Monk Chat Project

Sawadee Khrap

Well the week off helped.  Didn’t have the camera with me all week, for that matter I haven’t taken a picture in about 2 weeks.  With Loy Krathong  coming next weekend ( 24th) and the assignment for the Photo Club to get at least one shot of the festivities, I guess I will fire up the camera again.

I went to Chiang Rai to meet a possible special friend but even with a delightful weekend trip, we didn’t find each other to be right for a lasting relationship – too bad, could have been nice.  Had a great time though –  we went to Doi Mae Salon and the beautiful temple there – In Chiang Rai I had a foot massage – the girl was a little aggressive and I still feel where she went a little over board with the stick and pressure – one sore spot – Ohh Well.

We had our first meeting of the Camera Club – at Tusker’s Bar – great meeting and met some new friends.  Looking forward to see it grow.

And finally I have started a new project with the Novice Monks at Wat Suan Dok.  During the next year, each monk will have a chance to go home and visit their village and family.  Some have not been home for 3 – 4 years, what a welcome trip.  Cambodia and Laos are the homeland for many, some others are from China, Burma and of course – Thailand.  Each have a unique story to tell about how they took up the Robe and what it was and is like living in their villages.  Sooooooooooooooooooo Our project is:

  • I will teach them HTML and PHP so they can created a web site and I will give them space and an email address on my site to post their completed web site.
  • They will study and learn how to program and will do all coding for their little bio and tell about their lives and the village life and culture where they come from.   

So far we have 5–6 Monks in the group – stay tuned for a great viewing experience as we post their web sites and stories.  Please make any suggestions on what would be interesting to include and I will pass it onto them.

It’s been a long dry picture spell  – so with the holiday approaching next weekend – I should have some new images to show you –



Latest trip to Lak Tang – and my break

Sawadee Khrap

Sunday, our two car caravan went to Lak Tang.  All from the Expats Club, attending were

Leigh & Kris, Ramlah, Christine, Ka, Wayne and Lucy.  We had a great time and saw some real beautiful scenery even thought it was very cloudy.  It was Sunday so we didn’t go to the 1 Baht School, class is out, but we did make it to Wat Fa Wiang Inn Temple and a side trip to the Refugee Camp.  We dropped off donations and met several of the people there.  I didn’t get any pictures, batteries went dead on the way – I forgot to re-charge them before leaving – sorry.   Thanks everyone for going.

I understand that they also want to go again and so sometime in the future we will plan another trip – check the Expats Newsletter for details and times.

And now for my break:

Since my breakup with Tasanai I haven’t been that excited to keep everything up to date – I guess I am a little more depressed about it than I thought.  I realize that this is to be expected as we were together of almost 2 years, but just feel tired now and need to take a short break from the blog and such. I think a week should do it.

Then I can get back to work and also finding my special one who will be a active part in my retirement.  Sometimes I wish I could just retire and sit back and watch the grass grow – but that’s not my nature.  Since I cannot work in Thailand but I still have to remain active – helping my partner build his retirement business affords me the activity I require.  Soooooooooooooo, my search for Mr. Right goes on.

Back next week – see Ya.


Donations update

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate and I know the Village of Lak Tang can use the money to finish the school building.

$100+  US   or   approx   3500+  Baht Donors:

David – UK         Michael – US

Less than $100

Phillip – Chiang Mai       Tom – Chiang Mai         Ted – US

These donations have been added to the moneys received from the Expat’s meetings for a TOTAL of over 17,000 Baht    so far  – much needed construction funds.  

In addition, local donations by the Expat members allowed us to deliver on Nov 1st a full pick-up truck of needed items to the community so far.  Clothes, Blankets, Food, a Bicycle, and many school supplies.  I didn’t get to go and so didn’t get any pictures – but I promise that I’ll be there for the next load and be sure and get a lot of images to show you.

Please keep sending in what you can – lets get that finished school built this year. 

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks