Back on line – aldeit slowly – dialUp

Sawadee Khrap

Well,  We have moved into our new place in San Sai – I just got our Internet working again – dial up so really slow  – only email and able to post to the blog – but nothing else – We have to wait for a TTT (that’s a local phone co) line to be installed and we are told there are none available at this time – maybe within a month – That will really slow things down but definitely gives me me more time to get the house chores done.

Mohammed from San Francisco just arrived today and stopped by on his way to his room in Chiang Mai – jet lag and all – we’ll see him tomorrow and find out what his schedule will be.

Taking pictures of the remodel and will post them next time – quite a difference and really makes the place – gonn’a be happy here.

Anyway  – just to say hello again and that we are back and running  – although very very slowly –