My past–my Dream

Sawadee Khrap

Last night before sleeping,  I remembered  a time I spent in jail for drunk driving.  I was in a cell with a guy who had alcoholic hallucinations or the DT’s (delirium tremens).  He saw snakes and bugs everywhere, he would uncoil the snakes from the bars of his cell and pick the  bugs from his food.  He would tell me which one were the good ones and which ones to stay away from – they were evil.  What he saw was very real TO HIM.  It was his life, world, reality, truth , dream, ILLUSION.  Needless to say, His world was very different from mine.  Which one was actually REAL?     Are we both hallucinating?

In Genesis 1 God created the world and humans.  Prefect like God, in His Mind and Image,  they also Create.  God is Life and in Gods MIND everything LIVES AS ONE. 

However, if one did not think with God then it would be a dream, hallucination, illusion, and not Real.    It would not be creating, but MAKING:  like produces like. Dreams produce Dreams – illusions, Illusions.  For instance, if a Child of God (Soul) thought about “What would it be like without God, to be special or separate  ?”

Then he would have to become a character of the dream – himself – encased in a body placing  limitations on the spirit.   Thus,  proving that the impossible occurred, MAKING separation his reality.   A world opposite of what God Created – a dream of  death and illusions.  A world without Love  – just fear,attack, defense, sacrifice and suffering.  The GENESIS 2 story !!!.   The origination of Sin. 

Just like I saw that guy in my cell, Jesus is outside of my dream.  I can look to him for guidance for the path out of this madness – his words now make perfect sense.

It will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR, filled with blessings, if I let it.

God Bless   Ciao