Again its been a long dry period for blogging – all wrapped up in Nu’s problem – getting the medicine right can be tiresome, but we are making progress.  He is felling better now and seems to be on the right path.  Only time will really tell.  Depression can be a bitch.

The latest news is the coming opening of Adam’s Apple and Lavender Lanna Hotel.  Two great venues here in Chiang Mai.

Adam’s is scheduled to open in 3 weeks, carpenters are putting the final touches in the club and I think next week will see the new web site and newsletter online.  It’s a hurried pace down there so they will make opening before busy season, having time for setting up the show, hiring all the boys and then rehearsal of each act – I’m keeping close tabs and will keep the blog up to date as things go online.  The Metro bar has been open for some time and is a great place to go to meet friends , have a drink and just relax.


The Lavender is now having a “Job fair” to get workers for the Hotel and other venues.  I am told they expect to hire about 200 employees  – WOW  I will try to get down there this coming week and see how its going –  and get some pictures too –

Chiang Mai is growing – hope it can handle all the action.



Doctor says “Don’t wank” – dangerous for your health

Sawadee Khrap

Well I have heard it all –

“Dr. Palaniappan told Bernama, the Malaysian national news agency, that masturbation and homosexual activity made “the body become an easy target for pandemic A(H1N1) infection,” however, the normal sexual union between members of the opposite sex was absolutely safe”

This quote is from a article in Thai Visa.  Thai A(H1N1) Resistant To Tamiflu – Malaysians Told To Stop Wanking .  We’ll have to watch carefully for future announcements –  What could be next – watching porn – could that lower your resistance too? – who knows.   We’ve been warned !!!!!! 



Windows 7 – back on line

Sawadee Khrap

Just had my video card die and when it did it corrupted 2 of my drives.  What a mess – So I had to reload the entire system.

Loaded Windows 7 RC 64 bit OS ———   seems to be working great, much more stable than Vista and it recognized all necessary drivers, except for the scanner.  Got most of my files back from backup images of the old drives – problems reading them but I did manage to recover the major items.  My Adobe programs seem to run better and the new video card really makes the difference – I thought I was having camera problems – blurry images  – but it was apparently the card.  Thanks God……    Win 7  also has a built in monitor calibration program, that really did a super job of setting up my monitors.

Looks like I have house-cleaning work to do on the blog now – a couple of problems on viewing the blog has been reported  – so I’ll try to fix them now.