Moving – last post for a while

Sawadee Khrap

Moving today – no Internet hookup at the new place for a while – I will have to setup a dial up and will have to install a modem to do that, at least I will be able to get my email but too slow for posting images.  I have put in a request for a broadband hookup – and a tech will be out within the next few days to check the existing line for ample quality – but who knows.

I wanted the local TT&T ( that’s the best – MaxNet service) installed but right now apparently the system is loaded and I will have to wait – we’ll see how long that takes –

I figure about a week I will have everything back and running again – so that will be about the normal time I have been posting lately – I hope better than a dial-up that would be so slow – I will hurry and have pics of the move, remodeling and the new neighborhood.