Still not there

Sawadee Khrap

Just finished my massage and getting ready to go to lunch with Mike.  Still not ready to say I am over the relationship thing – nagging feelings and still difficult to talk or get to know anyone else without comparing.  I suppose this too will pass but like I admitted in another post this is really the first time I actually fell in love – seems kind of stupid at my age but I should have been through this as a teenager – but didn’t come out till a late age and missed all the drama, so I guess I am just living mine now.  Ha Ha.   But it does make it easier to cope by discussing it here – I sure as hell don’t want any of this on Facebook.   I am amazed how much personal crap is posted on FB.

Oh well, just musing, off to lunch and a new day – Charlie from the US is supposed to arrive today and we should make contact tomorrow – that will be nice to see him again.