*** DANGER *** Doxazosin

Sawadee Khrap

Actually I should say danger with Doxazosin and Cialis combinations.  From my last trip to Chiang Mai the doctor prescribed 2 mg Cardoxa (Doxazosin) in addition to my 160 mg Valsartan to get my BP down to the 120’s.  I found that I could not tolerate 2 mg and had to reduce to to 1 mg each morning – just couldn’t get used to it and was just too dizzy all day.  So I took the stuff for about a week and seeing that they warned about the possibility of getting extreme erections I did not take any Cialis during that time.  After the break-in week, I found that my morning wood was actually diminishing and any erection was a thing of the past. – That’s not acceptable – I’m 74 but do not want to be cut out of the game this early – so I tried adding 2.5 mg Cialis to the formula – 1st day  OK,  2’nd  day better – but the 3rd day – WOW BP dropped below 90 and I had to sit for about 2 hr.  before I could do anything and felt bad the rest of the day —–  Had I taken a larger dose it could have been DEADLY.   This combination really affects me.  Checking the literature on the Web – Warnings – don’t combine – and they are right.   (2.5 mg)  1/8 tab Cialis is the smallest I could take but at any larger doses I could have easily overdosed.

So now, using just Valsartan – I increased my Cialis to 5mg ( 1/4 tab) daily and seems to be working – Valsartan + with only Cialis  – BP in the 120’s and back on track – will have to wait to see what the long term effects are – all literature point to a safe combination and seem to solve my problems.  So far so good.  I’ll check with the doctor when I get back to Chiang Mai again.

Daily – 160mg Valsartan,  5mg Cialis,  3g Fish Oil,  81mg Aspirin – seems to be the winning mixture.   BP  120’s and feel OK, erections back.    God I hope this works long term.

I will keep you informed so you don’t encounter the same problems or deadly combinations.