Bussiness lesson #1

Sawadee Khrap

Always check the fine print

Johnny wanted to screw a guy in his office…..but he belonged to someone else…

One day Johnny got so frustrated that he went up to him and said I’ll give you a $1000 dollars if you let me screw you….but the guy said NO.

Johnny said I’ll be fast, I’ll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, I’ll be finished by the time you pick it up. He thought for a moment and said that he would have to consult his boyfriend…..so he called his boyfriend and told him the story. His boyfriend says to ask him for $2000 dollars, pick up the money very fast, he won’t even be able to get his pants down.

So he agrees and accepts the proposal. Half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is waiting for his boyfriend to call. Finally after 45 mins the boyfriend calls and asks what happened……

He said “The bastard used coins”

Management lesson: Always consider a business proposal in it’s entirety before agreeing to it and getting screwed.



Chiang Mai – Miss LadyBoy Apr 5

Sawadee Khrap



Here’s the winner of the contest we went to on Sunday night.  Nu is working on a video DVD of the evening, at least the part we recorded, but I am not sure if we can make a flash version to show on the blog.

Nu has started to prepare himself to began entering the local school contests this coming semester.  He went to the doctor for help and is well on the way to becoming Miss Tiffany.

We will keep all posted on his progress and transformation.  We hope to be attending many future contest as he develops his stage presence and I will definitely try to get as many shots of all the contestants and for sure photos of all the cute boys and girls in the audience.  Stay tuned.