Posture re-alignment

Sawadee Khrap

It’s been over 30 years since I even thought about my posture, yet tried to do anything about it.   For that matter, I cannot think of a time when I did tried to develop it.  But now, in my “Golden” years,  (is that what they call them ? ) stiff necks, tight back muscles, sore knees and feet – it’s about time to look into the matter.  Thanks to “Flying Step”  I am doing just that and can happily report that after 4 days of using the back harness and about a month in the new arch supports – WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  Walking is becoming extremely easy – my morning walking distance is increasing every day and hip, leg, feet problems seem to be going away.  I say SEEM.  because just 4 days, of wearing the harness for just one hour,  is hardly time to say anything is back to normal – but that’s what I am beginning to feel like.   I’ll wear it for one hour/day for the rest of this week and on the first of August start the 4-6 hr./day – focusing on my time spent at the computer.   About Aug 4th, I will go and have the arch supports adjusted for full efficiency.   Check it out if you have any back or feet problems.

By the way, my blood pressure has been stable, averaging 123/56 for the last 3 weeks – and I also found that taking 1/8 of a 20 mg Cialis tab daily helps the BP and keeps an active libido. Turning 74 in Sept and need all the help I can get.

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