Sai Kaew Beach trip – maybe several new models too

Sawadee Khrap

Just talking to a new prospective model and trying to convince him to do some studio shots.  Made a quick 2 hr. trip to Sai Kaew Beach located in Sattihip Naval Base to get some prelim. shots – and get away from the heat.  SaiKaewBeach-GoogleEarth_MG_2130  Because it is located on the base, it is always patrolled and clean – especially the water, you can walk out to over waist high and still see your feet – it’s that clear.  100 Baht for Farang- 30 for Thai.  You do have to leave your ID at the Base entrance and as you can see on the map it’s still a long drive in from the Hwy.  We got there about noon, had a quick bite to eat and then enjoyed an hour or so in the water – at least he did – I manned the camera, got some nice shots and a sunburned face – forgot to bring my hat.   Tide was out, so there was a lot of beach area today.    “Bee” really enjoyed the trip and that broke the ice and we are planning on doing it again with a couple of his friends next week.  I’m hoping to have them as models too.  Here are some shots and you can see what a beautiful beach this really is.  



And I trust what a great model “Bee” will make and you can be assured his friends are just as cute as he is – but we are really talking about the beach here – aren’t we?

If you do get to visit Pattaya, make sure you check out this beach – a little bit out of the way but well worth it. – it looks rather deserted right now but later that day it did start to fill up. Getting there early for some photos really helps – but they also have several cabins/houses that can be rented for overnight visits – just make sure to watch out for the monkeys that also live in the area.


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  1. Very interesting looking beach. Sorry about your sunburn, but I’m sure it was worth it. To say the least, he’s a ‘cutie’….

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